Pure Spirits: Citadelle Reserve Gin

Citadelle Reserve Gin

“In Accordance with 450 years of tradition” – the label of today’s distillate already promises a profound and sophisticated product. At first glance, though, one does not really expect to deal with gin. But the Citadelle Reserve Gin actually is a representative of the classic juniper spirits. Well, perhaps it’s not that classical, because something pretty much new has been tried during the production process: the gin matured for more than six months in barrique casks. A method that is not really common in the gin production since gin normally is not a matured spirit. But what is this “450 years of tradition”-thing all about?

The reason for the label is the fact that traditional producers have been at work here, which have established themselves as manufacturers of quality cognac: The house Ferrand therefore is not really a renowned producer of gin. It is said, though, that in the founding years of the distillery in the 18th century gin was one of the spirits produced here. The Citadelle Reserve Gin now wants to re-discover these roots and of course it wants to establish itself in the ever-growing gin market (in this regard many speak of a bloating “gin bubble” by now). There is also a regular and non-matured gin in the product range of Ferrand, but this one here obviously seems to aim for the premium product section.

The Citadelle Reserve Gin is made with 19 botanicals, roots and berries and is produced annually as well as in numbered limited editions. This bottle here has the following features:

Citadelle Reserve Gin Etikett

Tasting Notes:

Nose: immediately recognizable as gin due to rich juniper and citrus notes, in fact some wood and anise tones in the background

Taste: Quite pungent with typical juniper and citrus notes as well as herbal aromas, some flowery tones and also with a somewhat subtle vanilla and cinnamon twist

Finish: rather long and dry, the cask notes are best revealed here

Buying Sources:

The Citadelle Reserve Gin is widely available despite its limited edition-status. Maybe you’re even lucky when looking for it in bigger supermarkets, otherwise you will find it in specialized liqueur shops or online, of course. The bottle is usually priced between 35 and 45 Euros. That’s not really cheap for a gin but it is in good and ever-growing company (new brands and types of gin are still on the rise).


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