Gin and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Gin and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

I know that I’m far from being the first one reviewing the Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. I’m not even early. Anyway, this Tonic Water is worth writing about since I really really like it. The official description promises a different experience from standard tonics by giving some information about the ingredients used in the manufacturing process. Fever Tree states they’re using the oil of typical Mediterranean flowers, fruits and herbs (including rosemary and thyme) and then blend everything with quality quinine to create a tonic that’s more located on the floral side.

I can absolutely agree to that. The Mediterranean Tonic Water offers clearly recognizable notes of thyme and citrus fruits on the nose. I would describe it a little more intense than the regular Fever Tree Tonic. At least when it comes to terms of aroma.

The taste is light and floral with strong citrus tones and a special herbal taste that differs from the regular one. The label “Mediterranean” was a good choice, because this sparkling tonic really triggers associations of a blooming meadow on a sunny day in spain, france or other corresponding regions.

In a classic Gin and Tonic it also cuts a very fine figure. It emphasizes the fresh and floral side of the gin and counterpoints the juniper in a very elegant and fragrant way. I’ve used a Bombay Sapphire Gin to avoid overlaying the tonic. So I recommend you ta combine with a gin which is not too strong. A lot of brands are possible for that occasion.


5 cl Gin (a not too strong one)
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water


Pour gin into an ice-filled glass and float with the tonic. Carefully stir to combine.

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Thyme (or lemon thyme) and a slice of lemon

Buying Sources: You can find Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic in well-assorted supermarkets or in specialized beverage shops. The EDEKA-market in Bochum (the place where I live) for example has it in stock. For an appropriate gin visit your liqueur dealer or also a well-assorted supermarket. (Of course you can also obtain everything online through a mail order business.)

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