Cocoa Old Fashioned

Cocoa Old Fashioned

I came across the Cocoa Old Fashioned by chance during an internet research. As you can already see from the name, it is inspired by a famous classic drink: The “Old Fashioned”. The recipe I found on the internet requires more complex and intense preparation, as it includes both previously prepared syrup, as well as a “infused” rye whiskey. However as I had a little less time available for the preparation when I mixed the drink on the photo, I decided to make a modification based on the original.

Recipe for my version of the Cocoa Old Fashioned:

8 cl Rye Whiskey

1 bar spoon Mozart Chocolate Spirit Dry

1 cl Falernum

3 dashes The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters

1 slice of orange

1 Griottines Cherry


First muddle the orange slice and cherry Griottines in a pre-chilled tumbler. Then add a few ice cubes and pour in the remaining ingredients. Gently stir until the ingredients are evenly mixed.

When it comes to taste the results were very interesting: the crushed fruits harmonize excellently with the Falernum and the subtle dark chocolate notes. The Rye Whiskey stands in the foreground and accompanies these aromas superbly what results in a very satisfactory final outcome.

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