Happy Brocktober! – A milky Kiss of Berries

Today’s article is a little different, because it was primarily written for a good cause. Of course, by no means this should state that the articles otherwise published here are not themselves a good cause for all those who are looking for background information on spirits or for classic or newly created cocktail recipes. Rather, as part of a promotional campaign for the gin brand Brockmans, it is about collecting donations for the “Aktion Deutschland hilft”. And I’m happy to participate. (Promotional/Advertorial article as part of a charity campaign)*.

For this reason, today I will proceed differently than usually and do without a subjective and critical approach to the product standing in focus. Rather I would like to introduce the charity campaign more in detail:

In the time from 01.10. to 31.10. the so-called “Brocktober” takes place (Cheers to the responsible ad writer), in which among other things five bars in Germany participate: the Uuuhmami in Heidelberg, the ROOF Bar in Mannheim, the Hotel de Rome in Berlin, the Bar am Kirchplatz in Bayreuth and the Twist Bar in Dresden. For each “Brocktail” sold there (and another toast to the marketing department), 2 euros will go to the flood relief efforts of “Aktion Deutschland hilft.” If more than 500 drinks are sold, the respective bar donates a flat 1200 euros.

But bloggers and “mixologists” are also part of the “Brocktober” – and this is where Galumbi – Drinks & More comes into play. On Instagram, in the period from 01.10. to 22.10., sixteen different “mixologists” (the quotation marks have to be here, sorry) will publish a drink created especially for Brockmans Gin on one day. Each “like” will generate 10 cents in donations. If all posts together achieve more than 50.000 “likes”, a lump sum of 6000 euros will be due. Afterwards a kind of play off phase takes place.

Since the Brockmans Gin certainly deviates very far from a classic gin profile and with its berry notes almost tends in the direction of a berry eau-de-vie, I wanted to accentuate the fruit notes suitably and emphasize them in a light and seductive drink. To do this, I opted for a Clarified Milk Punch (I’ve already described what that is here), which goes by the programmatic name of A milky Kiss of Berries. I juxtaposed the berry tones of the Brockman with cherry and plum notes, which, with the freshness of lemon juice, the tangy note of Amaro Nonino and freshly brewed sage tea (be sure to brew it fresh!), end up making a smooth and seductively sweet drink! Happy Brocktober to you all!

Recipe „A milky Kiss of Berries” (amount for 2 Drinks):

8 cl Brockmans Gin
4 cl lemon juice
4 cl freshly brewed sage tea (use fresh sage leaves!)
2 cl sugar syrup
2 cl Luxardo Cherry Morlacco (alternatively Cherry Heering)
2 cl Zwetschgenwasser (plum eau-de-vie)
0,5 cl Amaro Nonino

7-8 cl whole milk

Preparation: First mix all ingredients except the whole milk in a mixing glass without (!) ice. Then pour the milk into another glass and pour the content of the mixing glass onto the milk. Stir with your bar spoon for about 30 seconds, the milk should already flocculate. Leave for about 30 minutes. Then place a coffee filter on a fine sieve or funnel and pour in the milk-cocktail mixture and catch the transparent liquid dripping down in a container. This process may take a while, but in the end you will have your transparent clarified milk punch. Refrigerate until cold and serve on massive ice.

Glass: tumbler

Garnish: a single blackberry

*for this article a bottle of Brockmans Gin was provided free of charge to me. The only condition was to participate in the charity campaign described in the article. Furthermore, there has been no influence on the content, nor was the article paid for in any way.

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