Got Milk? – “Tea, Earl Grey, Cold & Clarified!”

Okay, two things kept playing on my mind this weekend: The new Picard series and a social network discussion about Clarified Milk Punches. Today’s article – which is an unusually short one – focuses on these two topics. It is not really difficult to understand why. Therefore, off to the replicator, the tea is already cold!

Captain Picard and Star Trek The Next Generation has been one of the highlights of the weekly TV program for me in my younger years. Moreover, even today I still like to watch some of the best episodes on a cosy Sunday and indulge in nostalgic feelings. I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a die-hard trekkie, but I just like Star Trek (generally science fiction)! And of course I’m very happy to see Picard, an old hero, setting off into the final frontier once again. Well – and what would Captain Picard be without his favourite tea, the Earl Grey, that black tea flavoured with bergamot, which he ordered hot from the replicator countless of times? (For those who really don’t know the scene, I have included a YouTube video below).

The “breaking up” of the milk is the unappetizing part of the whole process.

So far the one story. On the other hand, I just came across a discussion about Clarified Milk Punches. And in the course of this discussion, I read my own articles about this cocktail category again (here and here) and thought: why don’t you do one again? No sooner said than done. For this, I opted for a classic No.3 London Dry Gin as a base, plus the ingenious Bergamotte aus Kalabrien by Florian Faude, strong black tea (brewed twice as strong as you would normally drink), some fresh lime, sugar syrup and a dash of Orange Bitters. If you want to learn more about the background and the exact procedure of Clarified Milk Punches, I recommend having a look at the articles linked above; if you follow the instructions at the bottom of the recipe, however, it also works without the background knowledge. In this sense: “Tea, Earl Grey, Cold & Clarified”.

Recipe: “Tea, Earl Grey, Cold & Clarified!”

8cl No. 3 London Dry Gin
2.5 cl Faude Feine Brände Bergamotte aus Kalabrien
6 cl strong, black tea (see above)
3.5 cl lime juice
3 cl sugar syrup
1 Dash Orange Bitters

approx. 8 cl cold whole milk

Preparation: First, mix all ingredients except the whole milk in a mixing glass without (!) ice. Then pour the milk into another glass and pour the contents of the mixing glass onto the milk (never vice versa). Stir with a bar spoon for approx. 30 seconds, the milk should now already flocculate finely. Leave to stand for about 30 to 60 minutes (it also works immediately, but then filtering might take a little longer). Then place a coffee filter on a fine sieve or funnel and pour in the milk cocktail mixture and collect the transparent liquid that drips out at the bottom in a container. This process may take a while, but eventually you will get the finished, now transparent Milk Punch. Keep it cold or serve it immediately on ice, that’s it.

Glass: glass cup

Garnish: dried lime slice (ideally a bergamot slice)

Buying sources: At specialized retailers or online.

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