Strawberry & Sage Highball

Today I’ll keep it short. Actually, I only wanted to tell you about a very successful experiment, which started with a small gift of a good friend from the city of Bonn. He had brought along some bottles of a lemonade with the simple and puristic name “Craft Lemonade”, which I had never seen before.

As I found out after a short online research, the brand belongs to the M.A.T. UG from Bad Tölz, which relies on herbs like rosemary, sage or gentian for their Craft Lemonade. The second part of the story is basically the result of a recycling of leftovers, because I simply wanted to try out the Conde de Cuba 5 Años, which I infused with fresh strawberries for my Haru Mai Tai (春マイタイ), also in a highball and combined it with the Craft Lemonade Salbei (sage). I added a little Dry Curacao (Attention, this is a little teaser for an upcoming article) and a surprisingly successful drink was created. Summery, lively and definitely suitable for the masses!

Recipe “Strawberry & Sage Highball”:

5 cl Cuban rum infused with fresh strawberries (see below)
approx. 12 cl M.A.T. Craft Lemonade Salbei
0.5 cl Revolte Dry Curacao

Cuban rum infused with fresh strawberries: for each 250 ml of matured Cuban rum add a hand full of quartered strawberries and let infuse for 48 hours. Afterwards filter through a filter cloth (or use a special bottle, for example the Alkemista Infusion Vessel, like I do)

Preparation: Pour rum and dry curacao into a glass filled with an ice spear and pour in the lemonade. Finally, stir gently with a bar spoon.

Glass: Highball

Garnish: twig of sage

Buying sources: At specialized retailers or online

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