Ti’ Punch au Café

It may seem like cliché bartender talk when I state that I most often decide to mix the classics at home. But that does not change the fact that this is true. On the other hand, however, the desire for variety is always present, which seems to contradict each other at first glance. The logical consequence is to regularly vary classics. And of course the number of endless variations found throughout the world of drinks shows that most people probably think that way.

Therefore, today’s cocktail is nothing more than the result of such a way of thinking. Basically it is almost a bit silly to make a big fuss of that topic here because the drink is really only a minimal variation of the original. Starting point is the Ti’ Punch, a cocktail about which I have already written here and here and which has become one of my all-time favorites. Rhum Agricole is simply a very exciting and great rum style that I immediately liked (maybe that has to do with my personal history as a friend of single malt whisky). Since I also recently wrote about the Dripster, ideas for the use of cold drip coffee as a cocktail ingredient evolved – and since the flavor profile of a good coffee harmonizes very good with mature Rhum Agricole (and also with brown sugar). Coffee and lime juice, on the other hand, are a somewhat more challenging combination, but it also works if you don’t overdo it. Perhaps this may not suit everyone’s taste (as for example I am still not convinced of the combination of coffee and tonic water, which has become so very fashionable), but despite this – or precisely because of it – this Ti’ Punch variant is a beautiful aromatic variety of the Caribbean cocktail icon that the Ti’ Punch is.

Once again I have used the very nice Clément VSOP as a basis (which unfortunately is gradually running out), whose characteristics are almost ideal here.

Recipe “Ti’ Punch au Café”

6 cl Clément VSOP
2 cl cold drip coffee (“Dutch coffee”)
2 cl lime juice
4 eights of a lime
2 bar spoons brown sugar

Preparation: First muddle the lime eights gently together with the brown sugar in your glass without completely destroying the lime eights. Then add the ice cubes and the remaining ingredients and stir in the glass for about 15 seconds.

Glass: Tumbler

Garnish: none

Buying sources: In specialist shops or online.

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