Green Tea & Chocolate

Green tea and chocolate are two flavors that harmonize beautifully with each other. And even if you might primarily think of cookies or other sweets when hearing about this combination, it also works very well in a refreshing cocktail belonging to the category of Sours. If you do not believe it, just try it!

The basis of this Sour is built by Japanese Shōchū, (actually by the Tokiwa Kome Shōchū), which I have infused with green tea for this purpose. Some white creme de cacao, a little Mozart Dry chocolate distillate, fresh lemon juice, mint and a little bit of sugar complete the whole picture. As a garnish, I opted for almonds in a chocolate and matcha crust that I bought in a candy store. A nice, not too complicated cocktail that you can imitate quite easily.

Oh yes, the drink listens to the name “Green Tea & Chocolate”. A more creative name simply did not come to my mind.

Recipe “Green Tea & Chocolate”:

5.5 cl Green tea-infused rice shochu
1 cl Creme de Cacao white
1 bar spoon Mozart Dry Chocolate Distillate
3 cl lemon juice
1.5 cl sugar syrup
a handful of fresh mint leaves

Green tea-infused rice shochu: To each 100 ml of rice shochu add half a teabag of green tea and let infuse for about 6 hours. Afterwards, filter the loose green tea through a sheet of muslin.

Preparation: First, add sugar syrup and mint leaves into a shaker and gently muddle. Then add remaining ingredients alongside some ice cubes and shake vigorously. Finally, double-strain into a glass filled with fresh ice cubes.

Glass: Tumbler (I opted for the poly-glass from Jakobsen Design as an alternative)

Garnish: Almonds in a chocolate and matcha crust

Buying sources: At specialized retailers or online

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