Rum Tamarind Alexander

There is a whole bunch of cocktails which I personally almost never drink myself but do nonetheless frequently mix them. And I’m not thinking of often condemned party cocktails, fruit juices with vodka or the like, but rather of “generally established” classics. An example of this would be the Alexander Cocktail. In itself it is a good drink with a simple but well-working basis – especially my wife and some of her girlfriends like to drink it. Accordingly, I am often asked to prepare an Alexander cocktail at home. The idea for today’s cocktail was born on one of these evenings. (RumChata was sent to me as a test product)

It is indeed a somewhat more generous modification of the Alexander, in which the original remains recognizable, though. However, the Rum Tamarind Alexander is rather settled in an exotic Caribbean setting, which is why Brandy and Creme de Cacao do not play any role here. Instead, I used a matured dark Cuban rum (the 7-year old Havana Club – which is quite often undervalued), and a spicy Rum Cream liqueur called RumChata, which offers a sweetish creamy character, thus making a nice contribution to the taste of the drink. One may ask who does need a rum liqueur in times of massively sugared rums, but of course such a product has its own niche in the market and its right to exist. As an alternative to the Irish classic “Baileys”, it may be a good choice for some lovers of this liqueur genre. Anyway, for the Rum Tamarind Alexander I’ve combined seven-year-old Havana Club, RumChata, fresh coconut water, a hint of sugar, tamarind and some cream – and with nutmeg and cinnamon I’ve garnished it as a compromise between the classic Alexander and the exotic cream cocktail it is. Who likes the Alexander, will surely like the Rum Tamarind Alexander.


4 cl Havana Club 7 years (or another, matured Cuban rum)
3 cl coconut water
2 cl RumChata Liqueur with Rum
2 cl cream
0.5 cl sugar syrup
1 bar spoon of tamarind puree

Preparation: Shake all the ingredients vigorously on ice and double strain into your pre-chilled glass.

Glass: Coupette

Garnish: freshly grated nutmeg and freshly grated cinnamon

Sources of reference: In retail or online.

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