Campari & IPA Spritzer

IPA Spritzer

Today’s certainly a special day for many people and the beginning of an eventful time of watching TV: The European Football Championship in France is going to start tonight. For others this time is more like a horror season that requires strategic planning to avoid everything that has something to do with football. Personally, I am very happy about the European Championship because I like football and I also like the big international tournaments. Of course this raises the question for an ideal drink to enjoy while watching football.

And so there are quite some requirements a good football drink has to meat. Firstly, I think it should be a beer cocktail because beer belongs to watching football. (Ok, one might ask why I’m not simply opting for an ordinary beer but the answer is very simple: I love cocktails and I want to have a mixed drink instead of a beer today.) Another requirement is that the drink must be quickly makeable, so you can prepare another during halftime or – if it is very urgent – during a longer injury break. But how should it taste?

Football fans are used to very bitter moments and that is why I decided to have a drink, which is both bitter but also a nice refreshment in summery temperatures. Such a drink is the Campari & IPA Spritzer: It has just two ingredients, is made quickly, includes beer, it is bitter but refreshing and many people have the ingredients at home.

IPA Spritzer

IPA Spritzer

Now to the “recipe”:

4.5 cl Campari
India Pale Ale

Preparation: First, fill the Campari into a glass filled with ice cubes, then float with IPA.

Glass: tumbler or highball (depending on the desired concentration. Personally I like to have the Campari & IPA Spritzer in a tumbler..)

Garnish: Lemon zest

Buying sources: In supermarkets or specialized stores.

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