Jinzu Rambutan Batida

Jinzu Rambutan Batida

Who has ever tried to create own cocktail recipes from time to time, will certainly know the disenchanting  moment of failure. What was imagined as a thoroughly harmonious blend of flavors, can easily become very disappointing. But sometimes such a “failure” might also turn out to be surprisingly positive.

That’s what happened when I first tried today’s cocktail. Basically it relies on the classic formula of Batida cocktails (as used for instance in the Batida de Maracuja), which consist largely of a spirit in combination with fresh fruits and usually a sugar source. The idea for this cocktail came to me when I thought about a possible use of the very interesting Jinzu Gin. The Japanese flair inside of this gin with its very subtle hints of Sake seemed a promising basis for the use with Rambutan fruits. So I combined the Jinzu Gin, a small handful of pitted Rambutan, some sugar and Honjozu Sake and had a Jinzu Rambutan Batida in the end.

The result was absolutely surprising because it turned out much different from what I had originally expected. The Rambutan stays very discreetly in the background, but underlines the gin part in a very interesting way, almost as if it would happen in a variant of the Gin Julep. While at first I was looking forward to some exotic fruit experience, I now got a more subtle and floral drink in which the interaction of the Sake flavors works very well.

Because of this surprising outcome I was thinking about how to evaluate this cocktail for some time and whether I should publish it or not. As you can see, I decided to publish it because it really is an interesting twist on a Batida style drink and some friends of mine did like the drink very much. Anyone who’s interested may try this recipe and hopefully give me some feedback.


6 cl Jinzu Gin (sake-infused gin)
1 handful of pitted Rambutan (about 6 fruits)
2 level bar spoons of sugar
1 cl Honjozo Sake

Preparation: Fill the pitted Rambutan fruits in your shaker together with the sugar and gently press with the Muddler to release the juice. Then add the remaining ingredients and shake vigorously on ice. Fill the entire content of the shaker into your chilled glass without straining.

Glass: Tumbler

Garnish: none

Buying sources: Rambutan fruits can be found in well-stocked supermarkets or Asian grocery stores. In order to get your hands on Jinzu Gin and Honjozo Sake you will certainly be forced to visit a specialized trader. Alternatively you can order them online.

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