Gosh, it’s Autumn!

Gosh it's Autumn

Of course you know the moment when you suddenly realize the start advent of a new season. This can either be shocking or a nice moment of joy. This year, I really like the first days of autumn: The leaves glow in the brightest of colors and the whole package of autumnal romance descends on you.

Most people associate the beginning of a more comfortable pace of life and a greater degree of domesticity with autumnal atmospheres and of course people are longing for more pungent aromas from the kitchen. Of course this is also something transferable to your glass, so you can celebrate this season appropriately with the full repertoire of more spicy and aromatic cocktails. Or you can experiment a bit and just tinker with your own personal autumn cocktail.

To be honest, I have no idea whether this drink has not already been served in this form anywhere else under a different name, because this recipe is not really particularly complicated. Basically it is a modification of the Negroni, which replaces the gin by a beautiful, vanilla-intense Bourbon (I’ve chosen Four Roses) and instead of the Campari it relies on the nutty Italian Amaro Frangelico. The spicy Carpano Antica Formula with its aromas of cloves volunteers as a virtually ideal companion.


2.5 cl Carpano Antica Formula
1.5 cl Frangelico
2 cl Bourbon (f.i. Four Roses)

Preparation: Simply stir all the ingredients inside your glass on ice until cold.

Glass: Tumbler

Garnish: something autumnal next to the glass (for instance a chestnut, a leaf, etc.)

Buying Sources: All ingredients can be found at specialized spirits retailers, online of course or, if you’re lucky, in a well-stocked supermarket.


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