Gin Daisy

Gin Daisy

The Daisies are an old, yet classic category among the Cocktails and the question of what exactly a Daisy Cocktail is and how to distinguish it from other categories can easily result into long discussions if you’re in the right company. Thus, the question of definition is also an excellent example for the difficulty of strictly delineating a certain cocktail category. So I will try to put it as simple as possible by a very simple definition:

A Daisy is a Sour which also includes liqueur next to the base spirit and is floated with some soda water in the style of Fizz (although with less soda water). I do lean a bit out of the window with this definition since there are exceptions to that rule, but as an orientation I think this one works fine. To anyone who really wants to deepen this matter I can only recommended this interesting article.

Today’s cocktail, the Gin Daisy, is a really nice mixture. It is an excellent cocktail for any time of the year, though it maybe makes the best figure in summer. In the end, it resembles a Gin Fizz but turns out much more spicy and aromatic due to the usage of yellow Chartreuse which gives interesting additional nuances. The very fine sparkling character of the drink arises from adding some soda water, which perfectly underlines the balance of floral gin, citrus juices, spicy Chartreuse and the sweetness of a little syrup.


5 cl Gin
2 cl Yellow Chartreuse
2 bar spoons of sugar syrup
1 cl lemon juice
1 cl lime juice
approx. 2 cl soda water

Preparation: Mix all ingredients (except the soda water) and shake vigorously on ice. Strain into your chilled glass and fill with soda.

Glass: Coupette

Garnish: Lemon zest

Buying sources: All ingredients can be found in well-stocked supermarkets.


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