From the Brew Kettle: Braufactum Marzus

Braufactum Marzus

Have you ever heard of Märzenbier? Probably you won’t unless you’re an expert for German beer varieties.  At least the name is quite easily explained: it was traditionally brewed in March (März is the German word for March). But as with so many traditions this is not really the case anymore.

Basically it is a bottom-fermented beer that is especially popular in southern Germany and Austria. In the Braufactum-series the Marzus is a reminiscence to that style of beer (Märzenbier is somehow just called Märzen). In addition to the special mashing process the manufacturer praises the very high content of caramel-malt which you can find both in taste and appearance.

Braufactum Marzus

Braufactum Marzus

With 5,5% vol. the Marzus is quite drinkable while a 650ml bottle costs you about 6 euros.

Tasting notes:

Initially sweet and malty with a slightly winey note on the nose plus some Marone and orange peel. On the palate the Marzus turns out to be significantly more on the dry side with a fine bitterness, although even here a certain caramel sweetness shines through and captures the additional notes of malt and spices.

Buying sources: Outside of Germany you may have to visit a specialized retailer or order it online.

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