One Pear for the Road

One Pear for the Road

Some time ago I have read an interesting article about Eau de Vies, fruit brandies and especially pears on the website of the Mixology magazine. I had already noticed on several occasions that lately many bar menus and also many spirit retailers started to rely more and more on noble fruit brandies and their French interpretation, the Eau de Vies. Especially the pear seems to be the fruit of the hour when it comes to such spirits. In this respect, I set out to experiment with the matter myself.

The world of Eau de Vies and brandies of course does not open up right away, but requires – as often when dealing with quality spirits – a little experience and initially also sometimes some guidance. So I was looking for some professional advice at a spirit retailer of my choice and bought a fine pear brandy. The Mixology magazine has published a recipe for a cocktail this May, which had attracted my attention, and therefore I decided to try and mix this drink for myself. The result has absolutely convinced me.

The One Pear for the Road was invented in Stuttgart in the bar Ciba Mato by Adrian Schulz, who had – so the Mixology magazine writes in its article – an American guest about to leave the bar after an evening of drinking while demanding: “One more for the road, Adrian. Mix me something that reminds me of Germany. ”

The cocktail is really a well-balanced and very aromatic drink: It tastes fresh and fruity with pear flavors that are well balanced and complemented really skillful by the rest of the ingredients. I can highly recommend the cocktail!


4 cl pear brandy (by Ziegler)
1 cl St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
1 cl Cointreau
2 cl fresh lime juice
2 bar spoons white cane sugar


Put all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously about 15-20 times. Double-strain in your pre-chilled glass through a tea strainer.

Glass: Coupette

Garnish: slice of pear

Buying sources: you can find most ingredients at specialized retailers, well-sorted supermarkets or online.

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