La Merced

La Merced Cocktail

Recently, in the context of an article on the Italian classic, I have announced to introduce some variants of the Negroni cocktail every now and then to show the great diversity the essential yet simple principle of the drink (vermouth, bitters and a spirit in mostly equal parts) has to offer. This triple combination is really an unbeatable foundation for aromatic cocktails that are settled a little bit more on the bitter side, exactly the way I like cocktails the most. Today’s version of the Negroni takes us away from Italy to the landscapes of South America…

I got to know the “La Merced” through the Hawaiian Cocktail blog It is something of a Peruvian-inspired version of the Negroni, without entirely becoming enstranged from its Italian roots. Named after the capital of the Peruvian province of Chanchamayo, the La Merced cocktail replaces with the National Peruvian spirit Pisco. I always like to try out new cocktail recipes that rely on the aromatic South American grape must distillate since I absolutely like the fresh character of Pisco.

As a reminiscence of Italy in the La Merced cocktail the famous Carpano Antica Formula vermouth and the Italian bitter Amaro Montenegro accompany the Pisco and result in a highly recommended overall composition. Perfumed with an orange zest the drink is quite suitable for a balmy summer evening and will surely satisfy you with a revelation of taste.

Recipe (in US-typical ounces):

1.5 oz Carpano Antica Formula
1.5 oz Peruvian Pisco
1.5 oz Amaro Montenegro

Preparation: Stir all ingredients on ice in a glass and perfume with the orange zest.

Glass: Tumbler

Garnish: Orange zest

Buying sources: The ingredients can usually be found in specialist shops or in really well-stocked supermarkets. Alternatively, of course, simply order online.


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