Bull Shot

Bull Shot

So what is the drink of choice if you – as I currently do – have returned from a music festival that lastet several days, in which you perhaps have had a few more beers than you’re usually drinking? The answer is quite simple: Nothing! At least nothing except water and fruit juices for a multi-day period, which is likely to be twice as long as the festival was.

What kind of strange introduction words for today’s cocktail? Well, it’s actually quite simple: Today’s Cocktail falls into the ominous “hangover drinks” category. A category of classic cocktails, whose most prominent representative, the Bloody Mary, surely is more or less known to everybody. However, this category is anything but reasonable. Pretty much every health advisor or medical  expert will vigorously discourage you to rely on the concept of countering alcohol with new alcohol. And they are definitely right about that, because it actually is not helpful at all to do so: it delays your hangover and can – if not will – turn out much worse in the end.

Nevertheless, that does not mean drinks from this category have no raison d’être. They should just be “alienated” and therefore be reinterpreted as a stand-alone, mostly hearty enjoyment.

The Bull Shot is such a drink and I really like to drink it. It is also one of the few cocktails on vodka base (which I normally find quite boring), which I enjoy very much. It is a virtually a kind of Bloody Mary, in which the part of tomato juice was replaced with cold Beef consommé. And is the beef consommé the Bull Shout cocktail stands and falls with. So try to pay attention to buying quality stuff or simply take the time to prepare it yourself. I’m mixing the Bull shot as follows:


5 cl vodka
15 cl cold Beef consommé
freshly ground black pepper
2 Dashes Worcestershire sauce (I use Lea & Perrins – the imitation products sold as Worcester sauce are no substitute at all!)
1 Dash Lemon Juice

Preparation: Mix all ingredients in your glass and stir with ice.

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Celery stick

Buying sources: Quality beef consommés can be found in better supermarkets, delicatessen stores  or simply make them yourself (you can find a lot of recipes online, for example here). The remaining ingredients can be easily obtained in the retail segment.

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