Estilo Viejo

Estilo Viejo

Today we’re literally going Mexican fashioned with a very plain, yet sophisticated drink. Although the Estilo Viejo historically is not a classic cocktail, it is based on the relatively simple principle of the Old Fashioned, which relies only on a spirit (traditionally whiskey), sugar or syrup and some bitters as ingredients. Nonetheless there is a touch of classicism to the Estilo Viejo, because the Old Fashioneds are actually something like the great-grandparents of cocktails.

The Estilo Viejo (Spanish for Old Fashioned) uses this Old Fashioned-principle, but relies on high quality tequila as the base spirit. Outside of Mexico tequila has gained quite a popularity, especially in the bars of the United States due to their geographical proximity. But even in Mexico itself Mezcals experience a renaissance and people start to increasingly bethink of the own spirits-tradition (for explaining purposes: tequila is a mezcal, but not every mezcal is a tequila – a bit like rectangles and squares). Mezcalbars currently boom in the cities of Mexico and now the mezcal- and tequila wave starts to reach Europe, which can be seen in the ever-growing range of brands and specialties.

The Estilo Viejo adds honey-like notes of agave syrup and complexity from Angostura bitters to the earthy and dry taste of a good Anejo (aged in oak between one and three years) or Reposado (aged in oak for at least two months) with its slight smokiness. The taste is really remarkable, you definitely should try it! The recipe was once more obtained from “Cocktailian – Das Handbuch der Bar”.


6 cl Tequila (100% Agave – Reposado or Anejo)
1 bar spoon agave syrup
2 dashes Angostura Bitters


Stir all ingredients in a glass with ice cubes for 30 seconds. Then perfume the surface of the drink with the grapefruit zest.

Glass: Tumbler

Garnish: grapefruit zest

Buying Sources: Reposado or Anejo Tequila can be found in well-stocked supermarkets, if you are lucky. Otherwise you’ll find it in liqueur stores or online. Agave syrup can usually be found in supermarkets and health food stores. Angostura should be available in the supermarket.

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