From the Brew Kettle: Black Nizza Imperial Stout

Nizza Imperial Stout

Stouts and also the much stronger Imperial Stouts are beer types I really like to drink. Nonetheless for many people this variant is rather a beer for the cold winter days or an unfriendly autumn evening by the fire. I can absolutely understand this and in such moments it is certainly indeed a very nice pleasure, but personally I think it tastes great also in summer or during clement weather, which may be due to the fact that I like to drink my Imperial Stouts very slow; something I can only recommend when dealing with this type of beer.

Today I want to introduce the Black Nizza Imperial Stout by Christian Hans Müller (from his forge Hans Müller Sommelierbier GmbH), which comes at 9% alcohol and therefor definitely brings some power with it while promising a lot of flavor due to three different hops and special malts. I appreciated it very much and for me it is a good example of a beer that you can drink for example on a Sunday evening.

Nizza Imperial Stout

Tasting notes:

On the nose you can find beautiful toasted dark coffee, somehow it reminds me a little bit of Caro. In addition there is this strange but delicate scent of ripe cheese (a very unusual component) as well as some rye.

The taste of the very viscous Black Nizza Imperial Stout turns out to be very rich and almost liqueur-like, with deep and strong tones of dark chocolate and some red wine. Still not as strong as many other Imperial Stouts, therefor it’s well drinkable, which I like very much.

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