Pure Spirits: Pyrat Rum XO Reserve

Pyrat XO Reserve (1 von 1)

Drink up me hearties, Yo ho! Today we’re setting sail and are going for a really special and absolutely outstanding blended Rum: The Pyrat XO Reserve. This Rum stakes everything on the pirates-card when it comes to marketing strategies. As every child knows: pirates go crazy for rum. So they also will go crazy for the Pyrat XO Reserve. And what drives pirates crazy may also impress the common connoisseur.

The Pyrat XO Reserve is a blend of many different rums from many Caribbean countries. Some of them are up to 15 years old and are distilled in pot stills, which ensure a higher quality alcohol. The rums in this product have been maturing in French Limousin-oak- and American white oak-barrels. This creates a nice complexity of aromas and taste when everything is blended together.  It is bottled in Guyana where definitely some of the rums used have their origin as you can clearly taste the nuances of Demerara Rum from Guyana. The bottle really catches the eye and is a nice jewel in your drinks cabinet. It has an orange ribbon at the bottle-neck and a small metal medallion showing Hoti, the Zen patron saint and protector of fortune tellers and bartenders.

Tasting notes:

Nose: nice vanilla and spices (cinnamon and a little nutmeg), fruitiness of orange zest and a liqueur-like sweetness.

Palate: loads of aromatic orange flavors wrapped in sweet vanilla, honey and some Christmas spices, absolutely overwhelming! Demerara Rum everywhere.

Finish: semidry, sweet and long.

Buying Sources: you can purchase the Pyrat XO Rum in well-sorted liqueur shops or online. It has a really unbeatable cost-benefit-ratio since you’ll get this rum for about 30€. If you think you’re not into rum, give this one a try! It likely will make you rethink your preferences.

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