Chao Praya

Chao Praya

The Chao Phraya is a Thai-inspired drink. A really awesome one! Recipe and idea I’ve found once again in the highly recommendable book “Cocktailian – Das Handbuch der Bar”. Basically the Chao Prayas is an exotically flavored version of the Tom Collins – just with different respectively additional ingredients. At least in the same way as a Mojito is a flavored variation of a Ron Collins

The taste of the drink really has it all! Namely fresh and floral notes of gin, aromatic mint, ginger and coriander (I love fresh coriander). There are tangy lime tones as well as a little ginger hotness in the finish. Floated with sparkling soda water you’ll simply get an amazing and refreshing drink! The lemongrass garnish rounds out the Chao Praya perfectly. My compliments to the Cocktailian-authors Mr Adam, Mr Hasenbein and Mr Heuser (unfortunately I do not know who exactly invented this drink).


6 cl Gin

5 cl lime juice

2 cl sugar syrup (2: 1)

2 slices of ginger, cut into pieces (I have taken 4)

2-3 fresh twigs of coriander / cilantro

2-3 twigs of mint



First, muddle the ginger vigorously within the glass. Than clap the herbs between your hands to release the aromatic oils and also put into the glass. Add the remaining ingredients and fill with crushed ice. Stir until the outside of the glass becomes cloudy from the cold. Finally float the drink with a little bit of soda water.

Glass: Collins or Highball

Garnish: lemon grass

(The Chao Phraya River is one of the largest rivers in Thailand and obviously has been the namesake. Why the drink is spelled without the second H and whether this is intentional or accidental, I do not know.)

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