Pure Spirits: Talisker Distillers Edition

Talisker DE

The Talisker Distillers Edition is in an absolutely fantastic single malt whiskey of the Inner Hebridean island of Skye. The classic ten years old-bottling of Talisker has a very strong character which wins an additional maturity in the Distillers Edition, that ultimately makes him stand out of the wide range of Scottish single malts. While the ten year old Talisker matures in former bourbon barrels and comes up with respectable smokiness and slightly spicy notes, the Destillers Edition was also allowed to mature in Amoroso sherry casks from the Iberian Peninsula. This procedure gives the whiskey a much softer touch that captures the “chili catch” of the classical Talisker with a whole cargo of flavors of the Atlantic coast.

The Talisker Distillers Edition is like a liquefied seastorm that whippes over the rocky coast of the Isle of Skye. Every sip disseminates a warm feeling that creates a wonderful contrast to the rough and bold flavors.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Light peat smoke (a smoother smokiness than in the ten years old-version), seaweed and sea salt, earthiness and dark fruits in the background

Taste: peppery, salty and a fruitiness of sherry casks with maritime notes of seaweed and earthy oak. Delicious!

Finish: full-bodied and long lasting; it tends to be dry with typical, light pepper notes

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