Salty Christmas Bites

Salty Bites (1 von 1)

Imagine christmas without a plate of sweets  and confectionery. But who has grown tired of the usual stuff might want to try something new. This salty Christmas Bites are little truffles filled with brownies and german “Printen” and are absolutely recommendable. At least for everyone who loves the combination of chocolate and salt (like me).

The recipe is dead simple: Prepare your famous brownies (I will not present a separate brownie recipe here but I’m sure you have your own! If you’re laze you can prepare some out of a bought baking mixture.) Recently I had brownies with porter beer…they were outstanding!

Besides the brownies you need:

  • Sea salt or Fleur de Sel
  • Weihnachtsprinten (small german Christmas Christmas cakes)
  • Chocolade frosting

Fill the Printen into the moist brownies you have already cut into small pieces. Form them into little balls with your hands and put into the freezer for about two hours. Finally cover the frozen balls with the chocolate frosting, sprinkle with salt to taste and wait until the chocolate is hardened.

Be careful, these things will make you become addicted.





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