Blueberry Mule

Blueberry Mule

I love blueberries! That’s why I’ve experimented a little bit on this one: The Blueberry Mule is actually nothing more than a variation of the Moscow Mule, which contains fresh blueberries. Besides the nice appearance of the drink that is generated by the floating blueberries I also added some muddled ones alongside a small dash of Mirtilli Marcati-Liqueur from Italy. The result is pretty cool thing especially for big fans of blueberries – like me.


4 cl Vodka
1 cl Mirtilli Marcati Liquore
Ginger Beer
5 blueberries (+ more for floating around in the drink)
1 quarter of a lime


First muddle the blueberries in the glass. Afterwards add vodka, Mirtilli Marcati and the gently squeezed lime quarter and fill up the glass with icecubes. Float with ginger beer und carefully stir.

Glass: Highball

Garnish: quarter of a lime + additional blueberries

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