Beuser & Angus Special

Beuser & Angus Special

Initially I got to know the Beuser & Angus Special through a friend who had one of them at the Le Lion Bar de Paris in Hamburg and was absolutely delighted by it. Because of this drink we had a lot of conversations about “Kartausen” (which is the german word for chapterhouses– a word actually no one ever uses or even knows about its existence) and the French herbal liqueur they produce at the “Große Kartause” (big chapterhouse) in France.

Besides that the Beuser & Angus Special is a delicious affair. Here I present a recipe like they mix it at the Le Lion in Hamburg (publishes on


1 eggwhite
5-6 cl Chartreuse Verte
1-2 cl Maraschino
Dashes of simple syrup
2-3 cl fesh lime juice
1-2 Dashes Orange Flower Water


Extensively shake everything (except the orange flower water) with a lot of ice and pour into a Tumbler filled with curshed ice. At last sprinkle the orange flower water on the foam on top of the drink.

Glass: Highball

Garnish: none

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