Christmas roast with potatoe-quinces-puree and oven-baked vegetables


A recipe of Johann Lafer (a famous austrian Chef based in Germany) I found by chance on Youtube.

Annoyingly I did not find it anywhere in a written form, so I was forced to cook it while simultaneously watching the video on my tablet.

Since I do this very often this normally would not be worth a mentioning, but Mr. Lafer is cooking two dishes at a stroke in the video. So you have to stop and wait every now and then until he continues with the relevant recipe you want to watch.
My personal highlight in this dish is the puree of quinces, absolutely delicious, fruity tones and with a subtle hint of chili. Of course you should enquire the availability of quinces before starting with this recipe.

One important note: you have to marinate the roast meat two days in advance, so calculate with this!

The oven-baked vegetables are based on a recipe from Jamie Oliver.

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