Nikka Coffey Gin & Natsu Kinu

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Before I started today’s article, I took another look at my article about the Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky. Because the Nikka Coffey Gin comes from the same spirit series of the Japanese manufacturer Nikka. And even though Nikka enjoys a high reputation as a whisky producer most reviews of the Nikka Coffey Gin turned out remarkably positive until the present day. Read More

Lanson Black Label Champagne

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When it comes to the classic repertoire of cocktail ingredients, usually you start by listing various types of spirits, from cognac to gin to whiskey, and then quickly end up with vermouths and cocktail bitters or even herbal liqueurs and syrups. Champagne, on the other hand, is easily misappropriated, which happens probably mainly because most people simply do not think of it as a component of cocktails. The champagne’s nimbus of solemnity, nobleness and sophistication is too big; that is why supposedly it demands to enjoy it neat. However, such thinking is actually a misconception – despite all the qualities of a good, stand-alone champagne. Read More

Aberlour A’Bunadh & Auld Corbeille

Recently I read an interesting interview. It was conducted with Eyck Thormann, who works for the spirit giant Pernod Ricard as a brand ambassador for whiskies, but who himself looks back on a long time as bar manager in Hamburg St. Pauli and who several times became “German Cocktail Champion”. And – you might guess it in view of his personal biography – the interview naturally also dealt with the use of whiskies in cocktails. A topic, which I also did address here repeatedly in the past. Read More

Negroni Sbagliato

Today I would like to catch up (in a relatively short article) on something that I have missed for far too long: Since I have presented classics of the cocktail history here in the blog again and again (meanwhile a lot of them can be found in the archives of Galumbi – Drinks & More), it is finally time to also take a closer look at the Negroni Sbagliato. Since the Negroni (together with the Mint Julep) is my all-time favourite among drinks, it might be surprising that the Negroni Sbagliato hasn’t been mentioned here yet. Read More

Príncipe de los Apóstoles Mate Gin Fuerza Gaucha, Vermouth Giovannoni & The Apóstoles-Espresso-Negroni

It is now about two and a half years since I wrote about a very interesting and unconventional gin. To this day, I have to admit that I have tried only a few gins that differ so much from the aroma profile of a classic London Dry like Tanqueray or Beefeater – but without, like many New Western Dry Gins, focusing entirely on fruit and citrus aromas and almost becoming a kind of fruit spirit. And today I’m looking forward to meeting the new big brother of the Príncipe de los Apóstoles Mate Gin. Read More

Knob Creek Rye & Yesterday, Today and Amaro

Recently, Jim Beam caused quite a stir with an announcement they made. It was about the Knob Creek Bourbon, which I also reviewed here in the blog in the past (and used it in a drink called the Iron Ranger, a bourbon-based Tikidrink). In that article, I wrote that the manufacturer claims to have been oriented towards an age of 9 years despite they abandoned printing an official age statement on the label. Well, and now they‘re going to change it once again by going back to the original official indication of 9 years. However, what applies to the Knob Creek Bourbon does not apply (to my knowledge) to the Knob Creek Rye. Read More

Shrubb J.M Liqueur d’Orange, Habitation Velier Savanna HERR White Rum & L’inattendu

Rum from French overseas départements meanwhile enjoys a very good reputation. Those who value transparency and solid quality generally appreciate the French AOC rules, which apply to Martinique, Guadeloupe and La Réunion and which have made their Rhum Agricoles more and more popular outside of the French-speaking world. But it is not only Rhum Agricole tempting from overseas. Read More

Waldmeister Highball

Sweet woodruff is a herb that everyone knows, but which is used only rarely. If you now also avoid thinking of May wine (or “Maibowle” in Germany), it plays almost no role at all. Sure, you think you know the typical taste of woodruff, but apart from the already mentioned Mai Wine, first of all you will probably think of the industrial woodruff aroma and less of the authentic one from the plant. Read More

Plantation Black Cask Barbados & Fiji, Pierre Ferrand Pineau des Charentes & The Corrino Cocktail

Today I would like to take a closer look at two special bottles. Basically, the two have nothing to do with each other (apart from the fact that they are both sold by the French Cognac manufacturer Ferrand and in a certain way have been influenced by cognac). At first, I didn’t intend to review both bottles together in a single article, but in the end that changed when the idea for today’s cocktail came to me. Read More

Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Overproof Rum & Almighty Strawberry Goddess of the Seas

Today’s article is basically the continuation of a review published a few months ago. With great praise and enthusiasm I wrote about the Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum here in October 2018 and on top of that used it in a really interesting twist on a Negroni. Today I’m going to do “part 2” of the whole thing, because again a Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum stands in front of me. But this time it is the overproof version. Read More

Ferrand 10 Générations & The Sidecar Cocktail

Today’s article is no small thing, because even if I basically proceed as usual and will review a spirit and a cocktail, things are a little different this time. I’ll start with the cocktail first, because the drink demands this considering its historical weight. Afterwards I will review the spirit, which nevertheless speaks for itself and represents a felicitous “supplement” to the cocktail. Read More

Cachaça Yaguara Branca & Caipirinha Highball

While planning today’s article, I noticed a circumstance about which I was quite surprised. Because although I usually blog for almost four years at least once a week about cocktails, spirits and occasionally also about beers (including some very exotic and special categories), I have not even once written about a Cachaça. Why is that? I honestly do not know, because I have nothing against Cachaça at all and I do not give it a wide berth either. In short: It is time! Read More

Rhum J.M 50° & Asparagus Sour

If you visit my blog from time to time and read my articles, you might know how much I appreciate Rhum Agricoles. Especially with the matured variants, you can find real treasures, which are unfortunately too little known to a wide audience. Although I feel very confident that they could offer a welcome change to many whisky drinkers. Therefore, from time to time, people talk about Rhum Agricole as the “missing link” between rum and whisky. However, this is less true for unmatured Rhum Agricole. Nevertheless, also these qualities have their pros. Read More

Flóki Double Wood Reserve Stout Cask Finish & Gamall Maður

If you‘re writing product reviews on a regular basis or if you should intend to do so in the future, you will be faced with the difficult decision of what it is that you really want to achieve with those reviews. Between deeply subjective writing and efforts to be relatively objective, all possible shades of grey are conceivable and all of them have a certain value to your readers. I am usually somewhere in the midfield, because of course as an individual I can only describe my own feelings, but on the other hand I don’t want to write articles that are utterly connected only to me as a person. Read More

Ryoma Rhum Japonais & Haru Mai Tai (春マイタイ)

I have already written one or two articles about Japanese whiskies. For example about the Togouchi Japanese Blended Whisky, about the 10-year-old Yamazaki, which unfortunately is no longer available, the very beautiful Hibiki Japanese Harmony, but also about the Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky. With the KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin I recently added a Japanese Gin and I have also written several articels about Sake, Shochu and Umeshu. And now I’m having a Japanese rum or rhum in front of me. Read More

Gear Dry Gin

Even though I am pursuing the goal of providing a comprehensive overview of current, interesting bottlings with corresponding reviews and suitable suggestions for drinks, it is of course not possible for a blogger to do justice to the entire spectrum of the spirits market, not to mention the number of newly launched products. Moreover, when we talk about gin, this is truer than ever. Read More

Tapatio Tequila, Mamatarita & Sandia Watermelon Cocktail

One of the most discussed topics in the world of spirits is certainly the marketing dimension. Especially when it comes to the design of bottle labels or packaging, opinions differ widely. The number of people who appreciate information that is more transparent and prefer labels with an almost natural-scientific appearance seems to be growing steadily. Read More

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey – Smoking Revolver

When you think of American whiskey, you will probably think primarily of Bourbon – and then of nothing else for a while. Most people will also know Tennessee Whiskey, which became internationally famous mainly because of Jack-Daniel’s and since 2013 it is also officially more than just a mere marketing term opposed to Bourbon. Finally, Canadian Whiskey, the re-emerging Rye Whiskeys and the like will follow. Why am I telling this? Well, today I have a very beautifully designed bottle in front of me that is – as rumor has it – something like a Tennessee-Bourbon hybrid. Read More

Compagnie des Indes West Indies 8 Years & West Indies Crusta

Until the present day, I only had positive experiences with rum from the French bottler Compagnie des Indes. I already reviewed the Compagnie des Indes Caribbean 10 & Dominidad 15, as well as the Compagnie des Indes Jamaica 5 Years Old Navy Strength here on the blog and was convinced every single time. Of course, Compagnie des Indes rums are not all the same and behind every bottling there is a story and intention of its own, but “CdI” was definitely able to create trust in what they are doing among many rum lovers, including myself. Read More

Port Askaig 8 Years & Paradise Burning

Today I am happy to have another Scotch Single Malt Whisky in front of me. Especially because it’s been quite a while since I reviewed the last one. My passion for spirits basically started with single malts, although it was a particular gin that was right at the beginning. Nevertheless: as a category, Scotch has been my personal aha experience. According to today’s bottle, you might not immediately know what kind of whisky the Port Askaig is when you’re only dealing with the matter occasionally. However, I hope I can change that in the following. Read More

Forsyths 151 Proof White & White Rum Cocktail

Today there is once again a rum in the centre of my attention. However, this is a truly unusual bottling, which certainly does not meet the criteria one would expect from a “mainstream rum”. The bottle belongs to the portfolio of the renowned bottler Habitation Velier and it has aroused my interest right from the start. I am talking about the Habitation Velier Forsyths 151 Proof White from the Worthy Park Distillery in Jamaica. Read More