Pure Spirits: Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition & The Stout Irish Apple

Irish whiskey has more or less played a minor role in my blog so far, which is mainly caused by the fact that I personally prefer a good Scotch. Well, I don’t want that to be understood as a blanket statement because of course there are also big differences among Irish whiskeys and of course, not every Scotch whisky is better than every Irish one, but in general I would tend to uphold this preference. Nevertheless, I am very curious about today’s whiskey. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plymouth Navy Strength Gin & Springtime in Plymouth

In addition to the classic London Dry Gin, there is hardly a gin that represents the British gin tradition in a similar way as the Plymouth Gin does. The city of Plymouth is also closely interwoven with the history of the Royal Navy and is still home to an important naval base today. What all this has to do with Gin and how far Plymouth Gin is something special, I will briefly try to outline below. Of course, the focus lies on the gin itself and on a suitable cocktail for the spring season. Read More

Pure Spirits: The Torran Single Malt Whisky

A Scotch Single Malt, whose name does not correspond to any known distillery? What may confuse some whisky beginners, is a pretty normal circumstance for the advanced friend of Scotch whisky: Independent bottlers buy whisky casks of a particular distillery (or as part of the contract even already bottled ones) and decide themselves, how long the whisky should stay in the cask or if it will get a finish in a special cask. They decide whether it will be blended with other malts from the same distillery and finally when it will be bottled and sold. Read More

Pure Spirits: Luxardo Sangue Morlacco & Il Fumo di Morlacco

Today, I’d like to introduce a cocktail along with a liqueur, which in a way relies on a similar aromatic style as the Port, Spice & Cherry-Punch from my last article did. The liqueur is a representative of a world-famous Italian traditional brand, about which I have already presented some background information in the context of another article (and if you should primarily think of Amaros respectively Amari when it comes to Italian liquor, will find some basic information here). Read More

Port, Spice & Cherry Punch

Punches often get the short end of the stick. At least that applies to me when it comes to making them at home – especially those numerous punch recipes that call for a large bowl to be served in. The reason is quite simple: they are only worth the effort for a larger number of guests. Nevertheless, there are so many beautiful recipes among these punches, so I would like to introduce one of them today. In addition, I will show you a rather trivial way to deal with the problem of large quantities. Read More

Aku-Aku Gold Cup

Again, its Tiki time here in the blog – this time even cracking a corny joke: because what could be a better drink at Easter than a cocktail from the Easter Island? Well? Ok, excuse that one. Of course, today’s drink is not really from the Easter Island, but still it is in contact with that place. At least in the realm of imagination. And between all the chocolate and the heavy Easter meals, it even offers some real refreshment. Read More

Pure Spirits: Cardenal Mendoza Carta Real & Mendoza’s Indulgence

With the Cardenal Mendoza Clásico Solera Gran Reserva I did present a representative of the category of Brandies a few days ago. More precisely, it was a Spanish Brandy de Jerez. Personally, I appreciate Brandy very much for its flavor profile, which is very much in line with my personal taste, and against this background, I am particularly happy today to introduce an even more noble representative of this genre. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation Vintage Edition Panama 2004 & The Big Bloody Bamboo

Without question, tiki drinks often offer a visually stunning effect. On the one hand, they serve common cliché expectations many people have regarding cocktails, on the other hand, well-made representatives of this genre also manage to overcome existing negative stereotypes of mere juice concoctions with rather questionable finesse. Furthermore, you can expect a real firework of flavors – if the right rum is of the party. Read More

Pure Spirits: Nardini Rabarbaro & The Hooker Cocktail

And off we go with a new article from a series about Italian bitter liqueurs. I have already written about Amari in general and delivered some in-depth information about that particular spirit type in the course of my review of the Nardini Fernet. So today, I can deal with a very special and very attractive species among the Amaros: a Rabarbaro. Read More

Mauna Kea Kiaha

If I had to draw up a list to show which cocktails guests in my private domain most frequently request, the White Russian would for sure be among the top five. This is certainly due to its big popularity and its place in popular culture, which was largely influenced by the cult movie “The Big Lebowski”. Personally, I have nothing against a good White Russian, but I have to admit that I never actually prepare it for myself. Read More

Pure Spirits: Cardenal Mendoza Clásico Solera Gran Reserva & The Granadero Cocktail

Today the time has finally come and I’m going to publish an article that has been on my mind for a long time. Although I have already used brandy as an ingredient in various cocktails in the past, I did not present a specific brandy here or wrote about the topic in general (apart from various cognacs). Therefore, we will see that brandy is not always brandy and that there is no way to avoid some basic definition work here. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation Vintage Edition Barbados 2002 & Plantation Black Cask N° 3 – “Made by Lemonhead” & “Sherman”

Today it is time again for rum – and as we all know, rum time often means “Tiki time”, which is why I have also implemented two slightly tongue-in-cheek Tiki-style recipes. However, the main part is about the characteristics of two particular rums, which I would like to briefly introduce here and of course review them in terms of quality. Both rums undertook a long journey from the Caribbean to France beforehand. Read More

Pure Spirits: Luxardo Bitter & Thyme for a Spritz!

Today I would like to stay in the realm of Italian liqueurs. In my last article, I introduced a Fernet as a particularly bitter and spicy representative of the Amaro liqueur category, which is the reason why this time it will be about another type of liqueur. Not only in color, but also in taste. However, whether we are dealing with an Amaro here after all is often the subject of discussion. Read More

Pure Spirits: Nardini Fernet & Dantes in Fernet

I would like to begin today’s article with a fundamental commitment: I love bitter liqueurs! Certainly that won’t be a surprise to anyone who is following my blog for a while because my preference for bitter cocktails and accordingly also bitter cocktail ingredients can be found in many articles and recipes (and thus has also played a crucial role in the creation of many of my own drinks). Of course that does not mean that I’m only writing about bitter stuff, but I like to do so for sure. Therefore, it is long overdue to take a closer look at Italian Amari. Read More

Pure Spirits: The Choya Aged 3 Years & The Shōjō Negroni

It’s been a while since I reviewed the “The Choya Single Year” here on the blog, an Umeshu which is part of the premium segment within the product range of Choya. And with the Choya Umeshu Gold Edition I also wrote about an ultra-premium Umeshu which even comes with floating gold-flakes inside the bottle. Today it’s about another representative of the Japanese traditional liqueur genre that is about to conquer the bar world. Read More

Cinema Highball

Fat Washing – For a long time I gave a wide berth to this technique. It seemed to me as time-consuming as making your own syrups, infusing spirits or other gimmickry that expand the flavor palette of your bar. In the meantime, I have to say: It really is not that much of an effort. But I also have to admit: it needs a little planning in advance nonetheless. But hey: it’s not more effort than doing a milk punch. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation Guyana 2005 Vintage Edition & Créole Fruit Shrubb

It’s once again time for a rum review here in the blog! It is about a bottle of rum from a series of rums which was able to almost always convince me of its quality in the past, so also today my expectations were quite positive. But high expectations are accompanied by a higher potential for disappointment – that’s a fact you’ll always have to keep in mind. Especially when it comes to a rum from such a prestigious rum nation as Guyana. Read More

Pure Spirits: Pierre Ferrand Réserve Double Cask & Un Moment de Silence

Today it’s time for cognac again – for a rather unusual cognac, to be precise. It’s a cognac that comes up with some special features. And of course I would like – as usual – to present a cocktail in which such a cognac can be used. But first I would like to go into detail on the pure Cognac, which is advertised with a term that has to be investigated: Rancio Charentais. Read More

Pure Spirits: Bulleit 10 Years Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey & The Boulevardier

The Bulleit brand is not necessarily the oldest and most traditional brand in the world of Bourbon whiskey. Although there are also many much younger Bourbon brands, compared to some long-established heavyweights the Bulleit brand (which is named after former lawyer Tom Bulleit) is relatively young: it only exists since the 1990s. However, the bottle which I want to put to the acid test today only exists since 2017. Read More

Tranquil Turtle

Actually, I have little to tell you today, except that I recently mixed a very nice drink, and I’d like to share the recipe with you here. The idea came to me when I watched my little son fall asleep, while the turquoise blue light of a plush turtle that plays ocean sounds filled the room. The turtle is called “Tranquil Turtle” and after the mission “Falling Asleep” was accomplished, I simply created a drink of that name for me. Read More

Tiki Radicale

Today I would like to introduce a drink that is the result of an experiment. Actually, I wanted to experiment a little bit in the Tiki segment – and while on the one hand I was looking for a blueberry themed cocktail, on the other hand I was also eager to use some rather unusual, Italian ingredients. The result is the present, rather crazy cocktail, which is named Tiki Radicale. Read More

Got Milk? – The Milk of Obàtálá

Today I would like to add another recipe. In my last article about the Cherry Blossom Milk Punch I had presented a cocktail from the category of Milk Punches for the first time here in the blog and I was absolutely thrilled by the result of this preparation method. And now I want to introduce yet another recipe here which was able to win a lot of praise when I served it to some friends of mine. And it is a recipe that is inspired by an old acquaintance. Read More

Got Milk? – The Cherry Blossom Milk Punch

Despite an intense engagement with cocktails, regular reading in contemporary and historical bar handbooks as well as various online magazines, blogs, etc., there are always things you did not really try to do or simply had no points of contact with. That’s exactly what Milk Punches were for me. But now I have changed that – and I am very delighted! Read More