Clément Canne Bleue Vieux 2020, Clément Single Cask 100% Canne Bleue & Le Train des Plantations

The fact that Rhum Agricoles form one of my favorite spirits genres was certainly mentioned here on the blog every now and then. Nevertheless, a repetition of that is a somewhat thankful introduction to an article in which it will be once more about Rhum Agricole. Specifically, about two different Rhums from a very well-known and also already reviewed manufacturer: Clément on Martinique. Read More

Pasote Reposado Tequila & Palo Negro

Anyone who concentrates a little more intensively on tequila will not get around the name of Felipe Camarena sooner or later. The Camarena family is famous in the world of agave spirits and Felipe is now in the fourth generation of the family craft. And his name has also come up several times here in the blog, as he is primarily associated with three different tequilas from a particular distillery. Read More

Herencia de Plata Licor de Café & Aztec Code

A few months ago, I followed a wide-ranging blind tasting of various coffee liqueurs in a German online community ( with a lot of interest, in which several testers (including some fellow bloggers) scored various coffee liqueurs without any knowledge of what they had there in the glass. Their results were ultimately recorded in a point system and the result was finally published. In third place and thus part of the leading group: the Herencia de Plata Licor de Café. And a review bottle of precisely that liqueur finally found its way to my mailbox a few weeks later and stands now – ready for review – in front of me on the table. Read More

Adriatico Roasted Almonds Amaretto & Mezcal Jackson

There are a few types of spirits that you won’t find here on the blog. The reasons for this are quite different: some I use so rarely myself that they simply don’t have much relevance for me, others are not particularly widespread in general, so that there are simply few recipes in which they play a role – and still others I simply don’t like. Admittedly, there aren’t really many of them; in fact, strictly speaking (perhaps apart from some cheap baijius), there’s really only one genre of spirit I absolutely dislike: amaretto. Read More

Dead Wid Laugh – Navy Island Navy Strength Rum, Rinomato Bitter Scuro & Hoos Coffee Liqueur

Today I would like to break a little with the established convention to start my blog articles with the review of one or more bottles. Instead, I want to start directly with the cocktail and afterwards go into details about some of the spirits I’ve used. The reason is simply that the drink is something special and therefore needs or deserves a few words of explanation. Howsoever: the Dead Wid Laugh  is more than it seems to be. Read More

Glengoyne 10 & HMS Glasgow Grog

Single malts for me were – as for so many – basically the starting point for entering the world of upscale spirits and ultimately bar culture and cocktail history. Although I had also started relatively early to deal with gin, in breadth and depth it was the Scottish single malt, which ignited my enthusiasm. Today I am no longer restricted on this type of spirit, but of course it has a firm place in my heart. However, in the context of this blog, single malt still usually plays a somewhat subordinate role. Read More

Naturbrennerei Engel Rote Beete & Oaxaca Innside

The district of Rottal-Inn in Lower Bavaria is an unquestionably attractive region for the inclined spirits enthusiast. That’s where you’ll find the Engel Naturbrennerei (natural distillery), which is run by Austrian-born Manuel Engel. In addition to eau-de-vies (in Germany these are differentiated in Brände and Geiste) liqueurs and gin, non-alcoholic aperitifs are also produced there and offered for purchase. Manuel Engel relies as far as possible on the regional card and produces his products from fruit and vegetables from the region, although raw materials from Austria, Italy and southern France are also used. In my article today, I would also like to approach one of his products – and a very exciting one to be honest. Read More

Starward Left-Field & Starberry Root

Recently, I had the honor of participating in an online launch event for a single malt whisky. However, this was not simply a presentation of a spirit, but the event also offered the opportunity to exchange ideas with David “Dave” Vitale, the founder of the Australian Starward Distillery, about his new product, the Starward Left-Field Single Malt Whisky, and to listen to his thoughts on the product. However, that was not everything. Read More

Lantenhammer Williams, Lantenhammer Waldhimbeer and two cocktail ideas

Anyone who has been reading this blog for years will have noticed that I have repeatedly spoken out in favor of the diverse possibilities and great potential of fruit eau-de-vies (in German: Brände & Geiste) behind the bar. And I’m not just saying that, I really mean it, because the most widespread branch of the distiller’s craft in Germany often has a lot of innovation to offer (in addition to tradition, of course). Moreover, their products are usually of high quality. And indeed, my personal first “spirits tasting” was one that was closely linked to fruit eau-de-vie. Read More

Gin 8 & Hops Die Last

It’s been a long time since I wrote about a gin here on the blog whose botanicals included hops. And until today, hops are not really a common ingredient in the production of a gin, although I have quite positive memories of my first experience of this kind. Today again, I have a gin in front of me that states already unmistakable on the bottle itself: I am a hop gin! A German hop gin which is made with Bitburger Siegelhopfen to be precise.

Read More

Aluna Coconut Rum & Paradise Flip

Long ago – back then this blog was still very young – I wrote about a rum infused with pineapple and thus introduced the category of flavoured rums as a topic here early on. Since then, some spiced rums have been reviewed, various Falernums (or Falerna, whatever) and some sweet rums, where one may well argue about the extent to which they are not actually spiced or flavoured rums as well. What I have not yet discussed here, however, is a flavoured rum specifically flavoured with coconut. And that’s exactly what I’d like to finally do. Read More

Plantation Barbados 2011 & Flor de Barbados

Today I am pleased to be able to once again taste a rum from the Plantation series and use it in a drink. It is the Plantation Barbados 2011, which comes as a One-Time Limited Edition and there are only 24 casks from which this rum was filled into bottles. Since I have written about Plantation Rums very often in the past and have already gone into the background of the brand several times, I want to go directly into medias res today. Read More

Rhum J.M VSOP & The Trénelle Cocktail

I simply can’t deny a certain, personal pleasant anticipation with some types of spirits. Of course, I know what I like. Nevertheless, I always try to pursue a review approach striving for objectivity, which I will also not give up today. That said, I really do like Rhum Agricole downright, I’ve tried a few products from the manufacturer that today’s Rhum Agricole comes from so far – and I’ve liked them. It would be really surprising now if it would be a flop. But well, you never know. Read More

Radius Dild Akvavit & the Dilly-Dally Cocktail

In all my years of blogging, I have of course also tried rather odd or quirky spirits. Most of the time they belong to categories far away from what you’re used to (like baijiu for example), but that’s not necessarily the case, as today’s article will surely show. Because for the bottle in focus today, a visit to a country neighbouring Germany is enough: Denmark. Read More

Bumbu (Spiced) Rum & 100 Year Old Cigar

Yes, there are those articles that you go into with mixed feelings. And today, exactly this is the case because it was hardly possible for me in advance not to hear some of the echo calls that the two bottles I’d like to review today have triggered. In some rum forums, both bottles are highly praised – especially by sweet rum drinkers, others see them rather critically and still others have published damning reviews. I am talking about the Bumbu (Spiced) Rum. Read More

Santo Grau Cachaça & The Caneflower Cocktail

And again, today it will be about Cachaça. In my last article, I already referred to the differences between the Cachaça Espírito de Minas and the Magnífica de Faria Cachaça (which I reviewed before this one), but if you missed all that, I recommend you take a look at the two articles here. Because when I will dedicate myself in the following to the Cachaça Santo Grau, cross-references will appear there again, which will show a comparison to the other two Cachaças. But one after the other! Read More

Cachaça Espírito de Minas & Macunaíma

Today I will continue with another Cachaça. If you should have opened this article completely isolated and do not know what continues here, I want to refer briefly to my last article about the Magnífica de Faria Cachaça. There I briefly announced that I wanted to devote myself more closely to some cachaças, which I will do now. If you are looking for basic information about cachaça, you should also have a look at this article. However, let’s talk about today’s bottle: the Cachaça Espírito de Minas. Read More

Magnífica de Faria Cachaça & The Apotekose Cocktail

Finally, the time has come again and I dedicate myself to a topic I wanted to write about for quite a time now: it’s about Cachaça! The “Brazilian rum”, which actually is not rum (although it is not so far from it), enjoys (to my great satisfaction) a certain and increasing popularity in Europe and ultimately also in Germany. However, of course there is still a lot of room for improvement, because mostly it is still the old top dog Pitú, which can be found in the spirit assortment of most bars (which makes it more or less the counterpart of the famous tequila with the red plastic hat in its segment). If I can help to change that even further with my article, all the better. Read More

Normindia Gin & The Diki Diki Gin Gin Cocktail

Who is familiar with this blog will probably also know the name Coquerel. Because in the distillery Coquerel some really excellent Calvados are made, which I have reviewed not so long ago and also tested for their bar potential. Now I have but again two bottles from the distillery Coquerel in front of me, however you won’t find this name prominently on the label. Instead, there is the title Normindia. Read More

Urban Gardini – a Martini twist for the modern gardener

I have to start this article with a confession: I’m a big fan of mate lemonade – more precisely the classic, Club Mate, which is very famous here in Germany (most other manufacturers are simply too sweet for me). And of course I know about the evolution from the so called “hacker’s soda” to “hipster’s soda” and what other epithets there might be for this very polarizing drink. I am convinced that part of the polarization is simply caused by the slightly bitter, earthy taste, which one would not expect in a lemonade. However, for anyone who has tried real mate tea, the note in a bottle of Club Mate can at best be described as a nuance. Anyway, today I tried again to use mate flavor as a cocktail component. Read More

Chairman’s Reserve Legacy & the Luau Grog

It is not without reason that Saint Lucia Distillers is always written in the plural. Even if the phrase “Saint Lucia Distillery” can also be found throughout the web, it is actually the Distillers, because it is a distillery merged of the two former distilleries Dennery Factory and Geest. The merging took place in 1972. Both distilleries had been in existence since the 1800s, or even before in the case of Geest Distillery. And if the name should sound familiar to readers of this blog, it may be because the Admiral Rodney Rum is also made there. Read More

CO’PS Kaffee-Kolanuss-Likör & the Cop Chiller Cocktail

It’s not so long ago that I wrote about a coffee liqueur here. And today the focus is again on one, but this time not from the other side of the world, but from the capital Berlin. It is created by Finn and Jan, two chefs who felt obliged to create their own coffee liqueur based on natural ingredients, which should not only act as ingredient for mixed drinks, but also be a flavorful wake-up call as a neat liqueur. The result is CO’PS Kaffee-Kolanuss-Likör (Coffee Cola Nut Liqueur). Read More

18 US craft distillers introduce themselves

A few weeks ago, I received a package with 18 small samples of spirits in a very attractive presentation. Behind this marketing offensive is the American spirits umbrella organization DISCUS (Distilled Spirits Council of the United States), which wants to promote various spirits from small American craft distillers on the European market. And since I like the idea and am in principle a friend of maximum diversity, I would like to write a small article about it here, too. Read More

Mount Rigi & Mountain Whisper

In the Swiss distillery Distillerie Mount Rigi of the 30,000-inhabitant city of Zug in the canton of the same name, no big words are spared. On the website it says: “Finest Swiss Alpine aromas, boldly and freshly embellished with pure Kirsch. Mount Rigi goes wonderfully with tonic water, together with beer, spritzed on rosé wine, as a cocktail mixer or simply pure on the rocks. Always different in taste and aroma, the Flavor of the Alps is an enrichment to the purist Kirsch – Mount Rigi is the new Swiss aperitif”. That’s what I’d call a self-confident announcement. Read More