Siglo Cero Pox and the Pox Negroni

Today it is all about liquid Mayan medicine! Yes, you’ve read correctly, we are dealing with a very unusual distillate from Mexico, which means as much “medicine”. We are talking about Pox (spoken: Posh), a schnapps from Mexico distilled from yellow, red, black and white corn, wheat and sugar cane. In fact, I had never heard of such a distillate before writing this review – and I’m certainly not alone in this. Read More

Dover Azuki Liqueur & Aka-Murasaki

If you have ever travelled to the Far East, you will probably not have been able to avoid contact with the sweet, red bean paste found in countless desserts and pastries. The name azuki bean paste is somewhat less common, even though it is actually the correct name for the sweet called dousha in China and An, Anko or Ogura in Japan. Because the basis of the paste is the so-called azuki bean (sometimes adzuki bean). And it is precisely this bean that is the decisive ingredient for the liqueur that is the focus of attention today. Read More

El Mariachi

El Mariachi

Earthy, rich tones with a touch of freshness… these are some of the merits of a good Mezcal. Anyway, mezcal seems to be on the rise in Europe and its popularity seems too increase more and more, although we unfortunately are far away from the diversity which the US market offers. Fresh and tangy notes alongside certain bitterness are also characteristics of a good Pilsener beer, which is why today’s drink is about the attempt to combine the two. Read More