Negroni (1 von 1)

I must confess: I really love it the bitter way! Not without exceptions or constantly, of course, but when it comes to having a cocktail settled on the bitter side or spirits with a pungent bitterness, I’m usually pretty amazed. And I also like to drink new variants or creations which certainly have already left the area of mainstream taste. Read More

Blue Moon Cocktail

Blue Moon Cocktail

Blue cocktails – for some those may still be the epitome of a cocktail. Sadly, this is still a quite common point of view that goes back to the bars of the 80s and 90s where lots of colorful cocktails with Blue Curacao, tiny umbrellas and small glittering palms were served. In addition with half a fruit salad on the Read More

Thomas Henry’s new flavors on the block…

Thomas Henry (Wasserzeichen) (1 von 3)

I must confess: Thomas Henry has actually convinced me of their products. The Tonic Water of the brand has become one of my favorite standard tonics, while I also appreciate the varieties Spicy Ginger and Ginger Ale very much for use in many highball cocktails. In my opinion it is also no wonder that their Elderflower Tonic has conquered a place in the repertoire of many bars. Read More

Travelling Bars (1): The Le Lion in Hamburg

Le Lion Visitenkarte (Bildquelle:


Occasionally I will blog about individual bars I have visited in my free time while travelling around different regions and countries. I’ll try to write only about those I think to be advisable or at least worth seeing. For me it was basically out of the question with which bar I’d start: The Le Lion – Bar de Paris in Hamburg. Read More