Calvados Coquerel VSOP & Calvados Coquerel XO

One of the perhaps most underestimated spirit types is Calvados. Considering that it is a classic, cask-matured and strictly regulated type of spirit (such as whisk(e)y or cognac), it is a little surprising how seldom you come across calvados as a cocktail ingredient, but also as a sipping spirit. However, there is a real community of Calvados lovers out there. And of course there are also very good Calvados cocktails. Read More

Widow’s Kiss

Widow's Kiss

If you really want to focus on the history of cocktail culture, then of course you can’t avoid some of the early classic recipe collections from the 19th century. Likewise, it is imperative to take notice of the relationship between the advent of mixed drinks and the apothecary’s business. The flavor profile of the Widow’s Kiss cocktail reflects these influences very impressively. Read More