Pure Spirits: Needle Blackforest Dry Gin

Recently I received a small package containing a bottle of gin. As I curiously opened the package I found out that it was another gin from the Black Forest, where German gins seem to spring up like mushrooms. And, of course, also this gin has a „special feature“ in the form of a certain unique “botanical”. And since the gin is called Needle Blackforest Gin, the botanical I’m talking about as an eponymous one: Read More


If you are dealing with cocktails on a regular basis, especially with Sours and Tiki drinks, you will inevitably come across a certain group of fruit varieties or fruit juices. One or two of the usual suspects are always involved. A fruit variety, that is however hardly known to many people (and can also very rarely be found in the supermarket) is the common medlar (the German word is “Mispel”). Read More

Clover Club

It was back in the year of 2013 when the German Mixology magazine titled “Pink drinks for gentlemen” in an article (only in German language) about today’s cocktail. And while I usually refuse categorizations such as “women’s” or “men’s cocktails” in my articles, I must admit that this headline was not chosen without reason when it comes to the Clover Club Cocktail. The cocktail itself is nonetheless an extraordinary good drink that can be made even better with a small trick. Read More

Ramos Gin Fizz

There is a particularly intimate relationship I have to some cocktails because they have been personally important experiences for me – if not enlightening experiences – on my way to real cocktail enthusiasm. Most of the time I do mention this in such articles or at least I indicate it during a cocktail presentation here on the blog. And in my article on the Mint Julep I also mentioned the importance of a certain video series which initially had a great influence on me. Read More

Pure Spirits: Clément Canne Bleue & Clément Select Barrel and two kinds of Ti’ Punch

In the last few weeks I have launched several articles about various bottles of rum. Those included the white Plantation “Three Stars”, two Rums from the Plantation Vintage Edition, the groundbreaking Revolte Rum from the German city of Worms and the powerful Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum. A little longer ago there was also an article about a Rhum Agricole from the house of Clément and it is exactly this article I want to refer to today. By introducing two more bottles from this house. Read More

Dr. Kebler’s Wild and Crazy

Since I had already announced to create a cocktail based on the very nice Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon, I want to keep a word today and present that drink to you. I would also like to give a short “warning” in advance that this is a cocktail with a bit more “hullabaloo”, but it is really worth it! If the effort is too much for you, I can of course also recommend using the Basil Hayden’s in a well-made classic drink such as an Old Fashioned or simply a Whiskey Sour. Read More

Pure Spirits: Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Are some spirits simply bought because of their outward appearance? Don’t you know these bottles on the shelf that you simply keep staring at every time you pass by? Of course there are such bottles, although everyone who is concerned with high-quality spirits for a certain time knows that the exterior should not play any role for the final buying decision. But the sales figures of some bottles clearly speak for the designers responsible for those bottles. Read More

Hay-Green Tea-Ginger Fizz

I know, today probably almost everybody expects a special Easter drink or something suitable for the festive occasion, but quite frankly I had no real desire for such things today. When I have a look around, I get the feeling that Easter specials are lurking almost everywhere and personally this has become a bit too much of the good. But if you really want to, you can of course also take one of the cocktails presented here on the blog to celebrate the Easter time, I am quite sure the Easter Bunny will for example like the Dr. K. Nickel’s Delight. Well, perhaps even today’s cocktail could be an Easter drink somehow. Read More

Pure Spirits: Revolte Rum & Smoke, Pears and Revolution

I have to admit: the review of today’s product comes quite late. If you take a look at the blogs of some of my blogging fellows, you will most likely recognize that almost everyone has already written about the Revolte Rum. At the German cocktail contest Made in GSA, the Revolte Rum was used in many competing recipes in 2016 and also the two winning drinks included Revolte Rum. It is therefore not really surprising that almost everywhere people speak of this rum as a distillate that has long been established in the German bar scene. Read More

Dr. K. Nickel’s Delight

I must admit: after my latest review of two spirits and a carrot brandy from the Sauerländer Edelbrennerei, my thoughts were circling around possible cocktails to use them in. Therefore, it was important to get a little structure into my thoughts in order to systematize the whole approach. So I decided to start making a drink from the outstanding carrot brandy, but before I could start with that I had to answer two fundamental questions. Read More

Pure Spirits: Carrot Brandy, Forest Raspberry Spirit and Hay Spirit from the Sauerländer Edelbrennerei

Today’s article is one I was very excited about as it once more offers the chance to write about some products from my immediate, regional proximity. Besides that, it is about three really interesting bottles and some of them contain real, fluid innovations. And although it is not long ago that I’ve presented some fruit brandies here from the Feiner Kappler series, today’s bottles are slightly different. Read More

Bright & Yellow Garden Smash

It was only yesterday when I presented a very simple and classic cocktail from the category of Smashes: the Rum Smash. Even though I have already mentioned it several times here on the blog, the basic principle of the Smashes can be explained as follows: While it was originally a variant of the Julep and was prepared without (citrus) fruits, today’s variants almost always are made with lemon or lime juice (or pieces) and make the Smash something like a Sour with an herbal supplement. The famous American bartender Dale DeGroff is considered to be responsible for this modern development of the Smashes. But a Smash can of course also have quite a few more ingredients than just spirits, sugar, lemon juice, and herbs as today’s example will hopefully show. Read More

The Rum Smash

After having introduced some rums in the last weeks (and there are more that will follow), I would like to write about a small, yet flexible rum cocktail today, that is most suitable for experimenting around with your favorite rums a little bit and try a new one every now and then. The cocktail is by no means a representative of complicated or airy-fairy recipes, but a simple and honest drink which is nonetheless simply fantastic. And which can be easily produced by anyone: the Rum Smash. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum & Caribbean Mate Punch

Today it’s once again about rum; in combination with another cocktail recipe. And since many people still have to recover from the all those April fool hoaxes, I did not want to take the matter too seriously and therefore decided to create a Tiki cocktail. The rum I’m talking about once again comes from the Plantation series and is certainly the most potent ship in this fleet. Read More

Lakrids and Spirits (Part 2)

At the beginning of last month I did already publish an article on that subject and today I’d like to continue with that. So if you should now be asking yourself: What? Liquorice and spirits? – I can only recommend you to first have a look on that article. I hope that I am briefly answering these questions in there. Today, however, I will present some new combinations with limited, seasonal varieties of Lakrids. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation Vintage Edition Jamaica 2002 & Plantation Vintage Edition Trinidad 2003

The concept of “terroir” is not as common in the context of high-quality spirits as it is in the world of wine, but it is a concept most connoisseurs a quite familiar with. The lack of a corresponding word in many other languages ​​has led to the fact that it has become an internationally accepted term for the particular characteristics of a certain place and their effects on the characteristics of a certain product. The fact that this is also very important when it comes to rum is becoming more and more known in recent years. Today’s rums follow exactly this idea. Read More

Pure Spirits: Príncipe de los Apóstoles Mate Gin

Not only in Spain but actually in almost the entire Spanish-speaking world the Gin & Tonic is perhaps the trend drink in bars and clubs. Although “trend” is not the right word anymore, rather the Gin & Tonic has become a real institution in these countries and is even more popular than you might think. I also encountered the presentation in a wine glass or the special “Copa Balon” with the addition of various herbs and citrus peels for the first time in a Spanish hotel. So it is no wonder that more and more new gin creations have recently also emerged from South America. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation “3 Stars” Rum & Chupacabras Daiquiri

I have not counted every single reference to one of the most famous cocktails in the world here on the blog: I am talking about the Daiquiri. And it’s not so long since I’ve dedicated an own blog article to the drink. Personally, however, I prefer to have that cocktail in a slightly varied way, the so-called Chupacabras Daiquiri. But before I go into detail here, I first want to write about a certain bottle of rum. Read More

Helen can’t quit smoking

Maybe you have heard about the famous French dessert “Poire belle Hélène”, also known as Birne Helene in Germany. In Germany there is a very famous movie (almost everybody knows it) made by a famous comedian in 1991 where a dispute about the proper recipe for Birne Helene is one of the running gags. But I’m not telling you this because I want to discuss the correct ingredients for this dessert but rather to explain where the idea for today’s cocktail came from. Read More

Tobiume (Flying Plum)

The drink I would like to present today is the result of a quite unusual approach. I was guided by a simple association of colors and quickly decided to try wherever it’ll lead me. Finally I ended up with a slightly modified variant of a classic, what is not a bad thing, of course, since it is often a classic that becomes the inspiration for new ideas. And that’s what happened with today’s Tobiume cocktail. Read More

Pure Spirits: Derrumbes Michoacan Mezcal

I have been looking forward to writing about this bottle for a while and I was very excited how it would perform in the tasting. It is once again an article about a mezcal, although it is a mezcal which has one or the other special feature and definitely promises a lot of quality. And by the way it offers a really eye-catching and very beautiful design. Read More

Pure Spirits: Feiner Kappler Fruit Brandies & Feiner Kappler Green Nut Liqueur

Today’s spirits lead us to Baden-Württemberg, to the idyllic Badische Achertal on the edge of the Schwarzwald, where the peaceful village of Kappelrodeck is located. Throughout the whole region various fruit varieties grow in orchards for a long time due to the larger amount sunlight (at least compared with the conditions in other parts of Germany). It is therefore no wonder that the craft of distilling has a long tradition which is in particularly specialized on fruit brandies. In today’s article I would therefore like to introduce a series of fruit brandies from the region which I will also critically review here. Read More

The Old Orchard

Calvados – the barrel-aged apple and pear brandy from the French Normandy region has always been a classic ingredient in the history of bar culture, but it has recently lost some of its popularity. Like Cognac, Calvados has gained the reputation of being a little outdated what is definitely the wrong way of looking at this particular type of spirit. At least it absolutely meets my personal taste regardless of what some people might think. Read More

Le Normand Épicé

The variants of the Moscow Mule are unquestionably numerous and there are quite innovative ones among them, no doubt about that. While the drink has been part of the established bar repertoire for decades in the USA, it is still a “brand-new” trend cocktail in Germany and other parts of Europe, which is due to the previously poor availability of ginger beer. Nowadays there are of course also other variants of this drink on the bar menus and sometimes even older drinks find their way back into common knowledge, such as the Mamie Taylor. Read More

Pure Spirits: Scheibel Moor-Birne & MoBi Sour

The Scheibel distillery from the Black Forest region in Germany is above all known for its high quality fruit brandies. Since 1921, the banner of traditional fruit distillates has been held up by the family company which is now led by Michael Scheibel. But also other, innovative and contemporary spirits (such as vodka, barrel-aged gin etc.) are produced there. However, if you are a little interested in the world of spirits, you might have heard about a specific fruit brandy that has come to quite some fame in Germany in the recent year: Scheibel Moor-Birne. Read More