Irish Coffee

So, after a few days of the most reflective and cosy family time of the year, I have finally found some time for a new article with a new recipe. Well ok, the latter is not really true but at least it is a new article which is about a great classic of global bar culture. And it is no big surprise that I’m doing an article about the Irish Coffee exactly at this time of the year because the desire for a strong coffee with some booze added is currently somewhat increased after all these days of Christmas gluttony. Read More

Spicy Christmas Smash

Just before Galumbi – Drinks & More takes a short Christmas break for a couple of days, I would like to publish a short article in order to show you a small but nice Christmas cocktail. And it’s once again a recipe containing the Vollkorn Korn schnapps by Eugen Schmidt & Söhne. Due to its special flavor profile of freshly baked bread and Christmas being at the doorstep: now is the right time. Read More

Sweet Old Bakerman

After introducing the Vollkorn by Eugen Schmidt & Söhne yesterday, today I’m directly launching an article about a suitable cocktail for this very unusual spirit. This also has to do with the fact that I have seen a somewhat greater challenge here because I was not so familiar with the taste profile and previously had worked little or not at all with a Korn. But such a challenge is, of course, very exciting and since I couldn’t get the ideas out of my head I went directly to my serving cart and tried something out – and was finally very much pleased. Read More

Pure Spirits: Vollkorn (Eugen Schmidt & Söhne)

If you’d visit an old, traditionally rooted pub in Westphalia and look around there for some time, it wouldn’t take long until you’d be able to witness some – presumably older – men ordering a “Herrengedeck” (the German word for a boilermaker). This usually consists of a Pilsener or a Dortmunder Export and a glass of Korn. And that is usually one of the only occasions where you will ever get in contact with the Korn spirit in your everyday life; this might differ, of course, depending on your personal sociotope. Read More


Yes, that’s right, there is actually just the word “water” in the headline. And this is the case for a good reason. I have not become an ascetic and I am not going to change my subject in order to start a wellness blog, so don’t worry. There won’t be any articles on cucumber masks or self-pressed massage oil in the next few days. No, today’s topic is an indispensable one for me when it comes to cocktails because it is simply part of global bar culture. Read More

Pure Spirits: Sash & Fritz Wodka Colonia Alexandrowka

So it’s once again a vodka! Actually, I did already express my opinion about the clear spirit in recent articles, about the Bénazet Vodka and the Vural Vodka, but somehow I can’t get the whole matter out of my head. In the end I am currently subject to a creeping process of relativization, which compels me to give up some prejudices. Sometimes it is of course beneficial to reflect your own thinking from time to time and I must at least admit that I have recently experienced some vodkas that I like. So today’s vodka is a vodka which comes with a lot of premature praise and therefore ultimately aroused my curiosity. Read More

Hoos Grapefruit Fizz

How to capture the essence of grapefruit? This has very likely been one of the questions that Heiko Hoos must have been concerned with while creating his Hoos Pink Grapefruit Gin. But the same question occurred also to me when I thought about today’s cocktail. I wanted to create a drink on the basis of the really great Hoos Pink Grapefruit Gin and I somehow knew from the very beginning what kind of cocktail it would be. Read More

Pure Spirits: Meteoro Joven Mezcal

And once again it’s about Mezcal today. So it might not be all too difficult for you to realize that I’m really hooked on this specific kind of spirit which successfully managed to cast its spell one me. Of course, I am not really alone with this, but the great era of Mezcal and Tequila still seems to be imminent. To speed up the coming of this era, I would like to contribute with another small article about a beautiful bottle. Read More

Mamie Taylor


No other drink has become such a natural urban institution in the last few years like the Gin & Tonic. Most people already knew it anyway but recently started to discover their own passion for it. The other highball that has become almost as popular as the G&T is the Moscow Mule. At least in Germany this is very strongly connected to the increased availability of ginger beer (or “Spicy Ginger”, “Hot Ginger” and how they have to call themselves in order not to carry the word “beer” in the name – due to German law regulations about beer). Only recently, however, I became aware of a highball that I did not really know yet but which I like very much. And I would like to introduce this drink today. Read More

Pure Spirits: Topanito Tequila


And again today’s article is about a spirit (or two spirits from the same brand to be precise). In the last few days a pile of spirits reviews has stacked on my desktop and so I am currently publishing a little more in that direction. But do not worry: new cocktail reviews and recipes will show up here very soon. But today let‘s take a look at another tequila. By the way, one that is excellently suited for use in cocktails. Read More

Smuggler’s Cove Straits Sling


Today’s cocktail is basically a drink from the Tiki category, but ultimately within this genre it is a border crosser. This is mainly connected to its famous role model which was unmistakably the inspiration for today’s cocktail: I’m talking about the Singapore Sling. Whether or not you want to call the Singapore Sling a Tiki cocktail can easily become the subject of discussions. Looking at the current recipe, my opinion clearly is that it is a Tiki drink. Looking at the historical background, however, one can also be of a different opinion. Read More

Pure Spirits: Vural Vodka


It has not been so long since I wrote an article about a vodka for the first time here in the blog. It was about the Bénazet Vodka which finally did please me in its own way, although I am not a big friend of the clear spirit. I also announced that I would not write about vodkas very often here, although I have to admit, of course, that is does have a solid and justified place in the world of bar culture. However, today I decided to launch another article about a vodka which aroused my interest and which I want to review here. Read More

Pure Spirits: Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole VSOP


First and foremost today’s rum is not a rum but a rhum, which I will explain further in the following. It also teaches us a little about geopolitical affiliations, at least if we are not an expert in this field. We are dealing with a French product, as we can read it on the bottle and on the packaging. Nevertheless, this rhum comes from the Caribbean, strictly speaking from the island of Martinique. This is not a contradiction at all because Martinique – as perhaps not everyone is aware – belongs to France as a French overseas department. Read More

Testicular Navigator


Today we’re once again making a slight detour to the world of Tiki. And indeed it is a crisscross detour since different sugar cane distillates from different parts of the world are used in today’s cocktail. The recipe is one of my own and it is really an aromatic voyage of exploration. And if you’re wondering about the unusual name of this cocktail, you’ll find out what it’s all about below. But do not worry, no one will be hurt. Read More

Spring Fling


Tequila cocktails are, just like tequila itself, unfortunately not as widespread as one could hope. This is a pity since Tequila is an absolutely multi-facetted and promising spirit and cocktail ingredient. Of course there are a lot of good recipes for such drinks out there, especially in the Americas, but they are not really popular in Europe at all. Besides Margarita and Tequila Sunrise most people will certainly start sweating when asked to name some drinks based on the agave spirit. Today I would like to present a simple, yet sophisticated recipe which, in my opinion, is a really good recommendation especially for very high-quality tequilas. Read More

Pure Spirits: Casa Noble Reposado Tequila


After my recent article about the really great Mezcals from the Miel de Tierra series, I would like to finally take up the topic of Tequila here. Basically, I sometimes wonder myself why I have written so little about this spirit down to the present day. It is all the more wondrous since I am actually a very big friend of the agave spirit. Ok, I have to admit that this is not true since forever because for a long time Tequila has been the same for me as for most people: a clear Mexican booze that comes with lemon and salt (and should better be left untouched). Read More

Sierra Madre Sunrise


Like most other bloggers, I myself like to read a lot of other blogs as well, especially those that deal with a similar topic, of course. And although the German-speaking cocktail bloggers’ scene is growing steadily and contributes many high-quality articles, the sheer number of blogs and articles as well as the blogging tradition itself is much bigger in the English-speaking world (especially in the “cocktail nation” of the USofA). Today’s cocktail is once again an example of a drink I discovered on a blog that immediately aroused my curiosity. Read More

Wisdom of Pelé


As I had already announced: today its time for another cocktail recipe. And once again it is a drink from the Tiki genre. What will certainly come to many people’s minds as soon as they think about Tiki drinks is surely rum – and that they are usually quite strong. Often this is indeed true. But what may not sound very appealing to everyone at a first glance does not have to be a sign of a bad drink. There are many examples proving the opposite. Today I would like to introduce such an example for a good, strong and rum-based tiki drink which is not so widely known. Read More

From the Brewkettle: Schoppe Holy Shit Ale


It’s been quite a while now since I last wrote about a beer here. This is not because I have no more interest in the subject or because I have no more beer reports in the bag, but much due to the fact that in the last few weeks and months there were just so many exciting spirits and correlating cocktail recipe that beer fell a little by the wayside. So today I would like to present a beer I really enjoyed much: the Schoppe Holy Shit Ale. Read More

Pure Spirits: Auchentoshan American Oak


Actually, I intended to present another cocktail recipe here today, but now I would like to postpone that into the next days. The reason is that I’m still quite happy about the release of the “The New Single Malt Whiskey” book and so I was more in the mood for a Single Malt Whisky than for a cocktail. And besides that, today’s whisky is certainly a “New Single Malt Whisky” in several respects. On the one hand, the whole bottle is not yet on the market for very long and on the other hand the malt itself is a quite young one. But more on that below. Read More

The New Single Malt Whiskey


For the first time I would like to write a few sentences about a book today. I do not want to write much about it or bore you with a whole review and also I do not intend to discuss extensive book reviews here in the future (although these naturally have their place in the world of bar culture). But today’s book is a very special one for me, since I could contribute a small part to it. Read More

Pure Spirits: Stobbe 1776 Black Currant London Dry Gin


Most of the time we’re talking about German gin, we’re also talking about the current market situation. Nevertheless, gin is not a spirit that is available only since a few years in Germany as it is for example the case with Mezcal. And if you really want to be concerned with the matter, there is no way around also remembering the oldest German gin. Well, today’s bottle is not exactly the oldest gin in Germany but it still has a lot to do with it. Read More

Guna-Guna Cocktail


Tiki cocktails are not always an easy thing to deal with, at least for me. There are some really good ones among them and if you really have found a bar that interprets the tiki theme with sophistication and artfulness, even the whole thing is a true revelation of flavors and joy. Nevertheless, there is hardly another part of the world of cocktails where so many bad adaptations and unloved interpretations can be encountered. If I’ve never been at a place before and order a Mai Tai for the first time, I’m always a bit nervous about what I’m going to get. But today’s cocktail is different at all. It is a drink which would probably be capable of expelling some of those expecting sweet juices with a little booze in it – it is rather a border crosser. Read More

Pegu Club Cocktail


Today’s cocktail is a real legend. Its history is very closely linked to that of a club in today’s Myanmar, the historic Burma. I have written about the Pegu Club in connection with the Gin Gin Mule – which is also a very recommendable cocktail by the way – so I do not want to repeat it here. Only the following should be mentioned once again: The historic Pegu Club is long gone. Read More

Pure Spirits: The Miel de Tierra Mezcals


There is a certain type of spirit that I actually did not really devote myself to in its pure form here in the blog. Although I have already published and presented some recipes here in which I have used that spirit category and although I myself have been using it as an ingredient for some years now, in Europe it has not really arrived yet. I’m talking about Mezcal, a Mexican spirit whose variety and taste profile is a true El Dorado for the bar world. Read More