Pure Spirits: Goldjunge Distilled Dry Gin

Huge, hard-fought, attractive for newcomers and bloated: many observers describe the international (and also the particular German) gin market with such words. And also for me it is not an easy task to decide which gins I want to write about at all. Some are already “over-reviewed”, others are not that interesting for me personally and with all this in mind I have to admit that my gin enthusiasm is put to a test by the constant flood of new releases. Read More

Mango Overboard

What is the point where we actually start calling a drink a Tiki cocktail? Sure, if there is a whole series of exotic juices intermingling in a potpourri of different rums and a burning volcano of overproof alcohol is loudly shouting “TIKI !!!!” directly in your face, you might be dealing with a tiki cocktail. A cocktail umbrella is usually an equally reliable sign. And for some “purists” Tiki is probably everything with a touch of pineapple or other exotic fruits. Read More

Pure Spirits: Revolte Overproof, Revolte Falernum & The Ranglum Cocktail

It is not very long ago that I have written about the Revolte Rum here on the blog. A rum that has caused quite a great stir in the German-speaking bar and cocktail scene. Now I am notorious for not really being a person who is directly up to date in terms of the hottest trends in bars and clubs but today I am all the more happy to be up-to-the-minute. Who now thinks I’m stupid to call an article about the Revolte Overproof Rum “up-to-the-minute” in July 2017 can calm down: I was not thinking about the Revolte Overproof Rum I am also writing about today but of the Revolte Falernum, which indeed is brand-new and which I bought last week. Read More

Pure Spirits: Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon & The Manhattan Cocktail

Today I want to write about a bottle that is near and dear to me. In fact, it includes one of the first Kentucky Straight Bourbons I came in contact with since seriously being concerned about spirits and bar culture. And to this day it belongs to my undisputed favorites: the Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon. What makes this bourbon so special? And how should you drink it? Read More

Pure Spirits: G. Rozelieures Rare Collection & The Bleeding Cask Cocktail

A few days ago I had already announced to write today’s article about another Single Malt whisky from the G. Rozelieures series. Well, I did like the previously presented G. Rozelieures Origine Collection and this was not taken for granted since continental Single Malts have disappointed me more than once in the past. However, the G. Rozelieures also stand out a little bit with their smoky character (which is rather unusual for continental Single Malts). So the Single Malt I want to talk about today listens to the name “G. Rozelieures Rare Collection”. Read More

The Martini of Ice and Fire

I have to admit that today’s article is making quite an issue of a rather simple drink. Actually the cocktail presented here is nothing more than a variation of the classic Martini. Whether it therefore deserves its own name can certainly be challenged. But ultimately it is a very special Martini in this form, which is why I finally think it should have its name. Especially since the name leaves no doubt that it is essentially a Martini. Oh, and if some of you might think that the cocktail may have something to do with “Game of Thrones”, I must disappoint you. Read More

Warehouse C

I have been thinking back and forth for a certain time what particular cocktail I finally want to mix with the Hudson Baby Bourbon. I am well aware of the fact that I am quite inclined to think of Old Fashioned cocktails every time I am dealing with spirits which I liked very much and which stand out from the majority of their siblings. And of course this is the case because these spirits don’t lose much of their character in an Old Fashioned. But this time I decided differently. Read More

Pure Spirits: Hudson Baby Bourbon & Hudson Manhatten Rye

“If you think of whisky (without the small letter of e), of course, you will most likely think of scotland first.” Those were the words I used to introduce an article on the G. Rozelieures Origine Single Malt from Lorraine two days ago. But whoever thinks of whiskey with the small letter of e will – next to Ireland – certainly also think of the United States. And there, of course, it is especially Kentucky, where the famous straight bourbon whiskey comes from, that will come to mind first. Some will perhaps also name Tennessee or Canadian Whiskey, but I guess that would finally be the end of the first associations.  Probably no one would think of New York in connection with whiskey. Except, of course, it is about whiskey bars. Read More

Pure Spirits: G. Rozelieures Origine Collection & “Tea Time in Lorraine”

If you think of whisky (without the small letter of e), of course, you will most likely think of scotland first. Perhaps you’re also thinking of Japan or mistakenly of Ireland. And in a few cases, some may even think of continental European whiskys (such as the McRaven Whisky for example). However, the fewest people will think of France as a whisky nation, especially when it comes to smoky whiskys. But it is ultimately a French whisky today’s article is about. Read More

Pure Spirits: San Cosme Mezcal & The Mezpacho

The history of cocktails in a very broad sense is, of course, much older than the word cocktail itself. (Alcoholic) drinks that are mixed with other ingredients are presumably as old as alcoholic drinks themselves. Well, I know that this is not in accordance with Harry Croswell’s definition of cocktails in The Balance and Columbian Repository of 1906 (“Cock-tail is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters”) but today mixed drinks of almost every kind are referred to as cocktails. But who has ever thought about a cold, Andalusian vegetable soup when it came to the word “cocktail”? Read More

The Saint

Sometimes it can become a little tricky if you have earned the reputation for being well-versed in cocktails. Especially when this reputation raises expectations on you as a host. So it happened to me recently that I was about to ask a friend of mine on a sunny and warm day whether he wants to drink a cocktail and I was already thinking about some possible suggestions for classical refreshing drinks, but then he answered: “Given the weather I’d love to have something really innovative made with white wine! Do you have any ideas?” Well, I was caught red-handed since honestly I did not have any idea at first. Read More

Rye & Cola Julep

Whiskey and cola is quite a traditional combination of flavors. Although It is not necessarily a combination every self-appointed connoisseur is particularly happy with, but undoubtedly it represents a success story. Although I do not really belong to the people who would order a whiskey and coke at a bar, I have to agree that in some cases the combination is a good one! Read More

Pure Spirits: Appleton Rare Blend 12 Years & Appleton Coffee Old Fashioned

If you are concerned about the world and the history of (Caribbean) rums, there is, of course, no way around certain countries respectively islands. Cuba, Barbados, Trinidad and the Virgin Islands are among them, but of course there is also the island state of Jamaica. And whoever thinks of Jamaican rum very likely also thinks of Appleton Estate. While Jamaica is mainly associated with the particularly strong, intensive “High Ester” rums, it is all the more surprising that the (supposedly) most famous brand name of Jamaican rums has so little in common with the famous characteristics of a Jamaican rum. Read More

Negroni Sour

Normally, I do not participate in PR campaigns or any international events, but when Campari calls for the international Negroni week, I have at least to take note of that. In a way I feel obliged to that particular cocktail, which is probably my dearest and most favorite drink among them all (well, I definitely also love my Mint Julep, but a Negroni is definitely made a lot quicker). But what can I contribute to the international Negroni Week? Basically nothing really new or innovative, but still something very enriching. Read More

Breath of the South Wind

Sometimes I feel the desire for a certain cocktail although I do not really know if it yet exists. In such a moment I usually don’t do any research for a specific recipe in books or on the Internet but rather let myself be guided by intuition and start mixing with certain – mostly very simple – ingredients. But sometimes my curiosity wins and I am doing some research afterwards – and surprisingly realize that I can’t find a suitable recipe. Read More

Pure Spirits: The 1776 Bourbons & Rye Whiskeys

1776 – Of course this number will immediately bring a unique historical event to the mind. While in the United States of America every child knows what happened in that year, also outside of the US most people will associate this particular year with the American Declaration of Independence as the most important event of 1776. Can there be a more obvious idea than naming a series of whiskeys that are supposed to transport the very American spirit in liquid form after that year? Read More

Professor’s Coffee

Coffee as a cocktail ingredient usually is a rarity, but nonetheless it is also a classic. The idea of ​​using coffee in mixed drinks is very old and in the end you have to ask the question whether the simple coffee with a dash of brandy is already a cocktail in a broader sense. Personally, I like to drink a coffee cocktail from time to time, especially since – it may surprise you – otherwise I do not drink any coffee at all (at least almost). Read More

Pure Spirits: The Mulassano Vermouths, a Martini and two Negronis

Although I have always planned to do so, I actually never took my time to write about vermouth. I’m feeling a little bit ashamed since it is such an elemental ingredient behind every bar and there are only few things that are so closely interwoven with the history of cocktails as vermouth. To this extent, it is almost impossible to provide a comprehensive or even encyclopedic treatise on that subject. Anyway I’m writing today’s article that is mainly about three special vermouths but also about vermouth itself. Read More

Pure Spirits: Thousand Mountains Mc Raven Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky has developed quite rapidly over the past few decades – from a product that has always had a very fanatic but rather small community of connoisseurs into a product with a large and global fan base. And Scotch Single Malt Whisky has always been the center of attention. And although Scotch Single Malt Whisky wasn’t my first love, it was my first really big one. Read More

Pure Spirits: Plantation Original Dark & Knickerbocker Cocktail

In a sense, today’s rum was already subject to one of the articles here one the blog in the past. However, that did not happen directly. Anyone who will perhaps remember my article on the Plantation Pineapple Stiggins’ Fancy Original Dark might have noticed the word “Original Dark” in connection with the brand name Plantation. And at least the Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum looks quite similar, doesn’t it? Read More

The Darkening Sun of Oaxaca

Without any doubt: some drinks are more eye-catching than others and are therefore also more frequently asked for. Of course this always depends on the image of the epitome of a cocktail that you have in your own mind. For many people it is still the colorful and opulent glass with all sorts of decorative elements. Well, today’s cocktail is certainly a compromise here because on the one hand it comes with only a small garnish (apart from the head of Espuma), but on the other hand it is nevertheless a real eye-catcher. And it tastes absolutely awesome. Read More

Pure Spirits: Isle of Harris Gin

When blogging about spirits, cocktails and bar things you have to deal with different bottles on an almost daily basis. Some of these bottles are more appealing, others are less. Usually you can see what ambition the creators of a certain spirit put into the design of the bottle in order to create a special flair. Occasionally I do mention in my articles when there is a bottle that I really like. But the bottle of today’s gin has impressed me even more and I would not hesitate to call it a masterpiece in terms of shape and design. But I am not the only one. Read More

Umeshu Cocktail

Since yesterday’s article made some waves because of the close proximity of the product to a gin of the German global discount supermarket chain “Lidl” (much criticized for being a cheap imitation product), today I feel almost obligated to state once again that I am of course not a fan of discounter products or even want to propagate the sell-off of artisanal premium spirits. However, such products represent a very attractive alternative (due to their prices, of course) for a very large number of people and so I think it is legitimate to review them. However, today’s cocktail shows that it also can be different when it comes to money. Read More